Can't access CR 151

Thanks for the response (albeit a bit late), but so far we already lost a Challenge Rift (CR 151). Anything in mind to compensate that?


Welcome aboard! Thanks for letting us know what’s going on.

As soon as I have an update, I will update this thread. Thanks for the patience and apologize the response came in a bit late!

(These are officially my first posts before my welcome posts!)


You realize this is still happening, right? CR 152 isn’t available, either


Would be nice if, after we end up able to do 152, we get 2 caches for it.

Cache me outside, how about that?


Thanks for the update!

Welcome to the forums…with a Lead and two CM’s coming on board we console players may look forward to your assistance with a little more interaction than previously given there are more of you.

Would be nice to read an intro for you and the others.

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I had the same problem last week (CR 151), and seems that I will have the same this week (CR 152). Only shows “Challenge Rift 150 has ended”. It’s happening on console (Xbox One).

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crickets crickets

Looks to be a bit of a bigger issue but based off some updates, I believe they are close.

Will update once this is finalized and good to go. Apologies for the delay on this everyone.


Have there been any murmurs of hooking us up with 2x caches?

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@PezRadar Onofficial welcome Adam! I know you are going to be one of the management leads and look forward to your welcome post for super official offerings of coffee/cookies.

THANK you for helping the Console community. This group has felt very very very ignored for a long time.


Mmmm…candy dispensing CM. :slight_smile:

Is there any update for this? Issue still exists for switch console games. Still stuck on CR 150 so we missed CR’s 151 and now 152.

It is already resolved, thank you

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Just completed GR 152 on PS4!!! Thanks @PezRadar for all your help!!


LOL There is no CR 151 … just like there is no gr 151 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just completed CR 152 on PS4, will try Switch soon. Would be nice to somehow get another cache for 151 we missed out on, but I guess that’s not likely.

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Hi all - As you have probably seen from others testing it above, the issue was resolved this morning.

Apologies again for the delay as this one required a few different teams to get involved.


And it only took 10 days