Cannot finish conquests Season 28

I recently had an achievement that was stuck at 99%, after doing some troubleshooting or by sheer luck it finally finsihed, but while doing the troubleshooting I deleted my save from console and everywhere, and I had to start over. It sucked but I’ll have to live with it. Now just about done with the season again and I have to do 3 conquests. Since I already completed them it will not let me do them again for my new character. What can I do to fix this?

What do you mean by „achievement“? The PlayStation or Xbox one or the in-game Diablo one that can be found in the Challenges menu?

The season conquests are Diablo in-game challenges and should‘ve been deleted with your save files.

Beside that you have five conquests to choose from, so you can just do some other conquest. Actually it‘s ten conquests if you add hard-core. You can do the same type of conquest SC and HC and it counts as two for your season journey.

So it still shows my old character as completed the 3 conquests, but its not counting 2 of them done on my new character.