Can we pleae get something that isn't based around TR

please, for the love of whatever many gods Monks worship, this skill is getting so boring

Two seasons of TR is boring but how long was WoL the go to monk dps skill?!?

Did a pisting around balacing before, you can add your ideas

2.7.0 is supposed to be a big balance patch (at least that’s what they said before). I’d expect to see some weaker builds buffed to make them competitive again.

I’d expect buffs to at least some of Raiment gen, Uliana’s, Inna’s, LTK etc… Basically anything that was formerly viable but has since fallen to the wayside after the new sets were introduced would be probable candidates for buffs. Unlikely to be buffs to everything, but I imagine they’ll be some older builds that become competitive again in 2.7.0.