Can we add more leaderboards?

1st to say ,

I personally enjoy new refreshing leader boards, they are wonderful cause they give me more reason to keep playing d3, also we can now share more data about our best builds.

GJ =) devs !

So i wish we can continue this path …

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We currently have leaderboards for each class’s five set and non-set builds so can you clarify exactly what other leaderboard types you are looking for?

i dunno about OP but personally a ssf leaderboard, like many here have already requested, is the only thing i’m looking for


Would be nice have a leaderboard for SSF players, I mean an option at the character creation that flags the character as SSF (like PoE) and block any type of multiplayer instance.

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Only addition I would like to see is a dps meter. That tells you how much damge every damage source has dealt in a GR after completion. Like that a lot in Outriders.

Leaderboard with Paragon limit, say 2000. Only the botters will whinge about this.


excactly what i meant.

For but have to clearify, i not bother if some guy has over 2k, 3k ,4k, 5k, or even 6k paragon in the end of sasion.
their has just to be an option to

Filtering players by paragon!

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