Can we add a cooldown indicator for Bogadile?

It seems bogadile’s ability to kill things is on a 20 second cool down, otherwise it just spits the target back out.

Can we add a little icon/indicator to show the count down?

It should be there, on top of the mana globe. Or is it you are asking the icon to show actual CD w.o mouse over?

Piranhas have already a cooldown indicator.

And it’s 8 seconds, not 20.

No, not Piranhas. It’s the sanctified power of Bogadile. It has an internal cool down of 20 seconds. If you cast before the cool down is ready, the Bogadile will come out but won’t be able to kill. Instead, it spits the elite back out.

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There is I think its called satiated

Bottom right corner.

Where is it? I don’t see it.

(image shamefully stolen from one of wudijo’s youtube videos)

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I see… It might be bugged. After the icon disappears, sometimes when I hit piranha, the icon doesn’t come back.