Can I keep my character for next beta

I just need to find a 4 socket crystal sword and I can make a spirit sword. Will this character be wiped for the next beta? I’m assuming yes but wanted to see if there might be a chance it will be there still.

Yes, the characters carry over to the next beta (starting on august 20th), but they will be wiped for release.

Edit: Though, spirit is ladder runeword, so it won’t work in beta, at least ladder runewords don’t work in this beta, not sure about next one.

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Indeed, this is correct. Your character will carry over to the Open Beta weekend coming up on Friday, August 20th.


Howdy Hooley, sure wish I could understand how you guys decide which topics to reply too - - - this one stood out as needing a blue response ? Seems to be a dozen other posts with a hundred replies desperately looking for answers and this OP answer is available in the FAQ lol


Characters will be wiped at the end of the open(!) beta (from what we have heard).
So you can just do whatever you wish during the two beta phases and then get a fresh start on Sept 23rd.

Enjoy your Spirit CS!

Nope…fraid not. Pretty sure Spirit is a Ladder only runeword also.

If so…hope I caught you in time before you bin those runes.

No Ladder = A lot of gated content that isnt available during Beta, and wont be available (outside of single player) for 1.0.

Bah your are right. I’ve been upgrading the runes from countess runs. Needed to make 2 more thul runes before you clued me in on that. I didn’t realize it was ladder only.