Can anyone explain me?

When I use Battle Rage my Toughness is halved for about 8 sec or until I take another skill action (even another war cry )

I have a small movie capture on my google drive but they do not allow links
I put it on VIMEO, but it seems you have to save it to view it.
…IDIOTS :frowning:

its due to the aquila curious in cube . when u cast your battle rage. fury drops below 94 percent and then u lose its benifet till it recharges


You need more Fury from Mighty Belt and Mighty Weapons. Don’t use any Fury Spenders if you can’t Regenerate your Fury to full most of the time. These types of builds are risky, but easy to use for speed runs on lower difficulties.

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Thank you both
I didn’t realize it cost so much fury
As I have the Aqvilla in the cube and 131 fury points it means I have to stay above113.7 to proc the Aqvilla.
So if I have cost reduction on gear enough to cast Battle rage from 20 to 17 fury it should be OK…
I am ofline now but will check it tomorrow.

Yeah, I don’t even bother with Aquilla if I’m using a spendy build. It’s too unreliable. You might be better off using a pair of unity rings.