Buy Eternal Collection, but it says it is The Starter

Hi, I need some help.

On my brother’s account I bought him the eternal collection, but when I test it, it says he has the starter version. I think it might be a bug or something. We already waited 72 hours and it is still the starter version.

Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening? I could also use some advice on how to fix it. Since it says that your account has the Eternal Collection, but in the game it says that you still have to buy it.


What is the Order Status on your brother’s Battle.Net account ? Does it say “complete” ? if not, see Blizzard Support - Solutions to Common Payment Issues for possible issues.

Account issues should be referred to Blizzard Support through a ticket; since it’s your brother’s account, he will need to submit the ticket… not you.

Use this link for the ticket:

On the ticket, your brother should put as much details as he has… such as the Order ID for example.

Good luck !

Did you make sure that the gifted item was accepted with the correct e-mail and account?

If any of that doesn’t match up, it could be on a different login or not accepted yet.