Buriza-do kyanon with vengance cool down

buriza cd does not synergize with dawn as weapon in Kanai’s cube. have attempted many times but it seems the 50% cooldown from the buriza i have overrides all other vengance cooldown buffs and decreases from 90 sec to 45 sec. only. the 2 combined should reduce it to ~15 secs before other cooldown effects reduce further.

hope this is in on time to be useful.

With a 50% Dawn, you need 55.56% CDR. With a 65% Dawn, you need 36.51% CDR. So I can only assume you don’t have the correct CDR needed for 100% uptime on Vengeance.


Passive’s do not stack together.

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Legendary Powers and Class Passive Skills rolled on Ethereals do not stack with the same power equipped through Kanai’s Cube, Items or Skills.

I’m not sure why you were even trying. Legendary powers on normal gear don’t stack with the ones in the cube either, like for example having Dawn both in hand and in the cube. Use of common sense is recommended.

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BUT there is one thing you said that annoys me.

If you have dawn in cube, you should be reducing it’s cooldown with 65% and not 50% from the buriza passive you were talking about. Cubed dawn SHOULD take priority. Does it?

If you have the same item / power equipped and in the Cube, the value on the equipped item is used, i.e. even if the Cube value was 65%, if the equipped one is 50%, you get 50%.


Thank you for clarifying that. I guess I learn something new every day, even after so many years!

The Buriza that has dawn’s power is just like equipping Dawn and trying to use it in the cube. You will not get them to stack. Since they don’t stack you best bet is to leave the one in the cube and hunt for another Buriza.

Items on the player toon always take precedence. Dawn in the cube should give 65% redux but if you wear the Buriza (or another Dawn) with less e.g. 50%, you will get the 50% as it takes priority.

Bad example? Since it’ll just drop 2 Oculus Rings (circles) on the ground instead of 1, one will be 70% while the other is 85%, but good luck tryin to figure out which one is which.


Yikes! You are right. That was not a good example. Deleted it.