Bul'Kathos weapons IaS not properly working

When using the Bul’Kathos weapons, you don’t get the 45% increased attack speed when whirlwinding when using the weapons, I’ve tested this over a couple characters both off season and regular season, the IaS does NOT become increased, there’s probably a good reason why people aren’t using these weapons to climb, because of this issue. Thank you!


So why doesn’t it feel like it’s working then?

The main damage comes from rend/ambos pride. Attackspeed is near to useless for rend.

Skull grasp is useless as well.

Take a look at a guide e.g.

According to D3planner, the IAS shows on the sheet, and it is additive.

So either D3planner is wrong, or it is bugged. I equipped the weapons, and was not able to get the increased attack speed to show on the sheet when WhirlWinding.

Yes, because pushes with WW/Rend use Istvan’s Paired Blades (The Slanderer and Little Rogue) for the 30% bonuses to attack speed, armour and damage not because the Bul-Kathos weapon set is bugged.

A quick look at your Barb…

…also shows you’re using Skull Grasp (which only boosts WW damage, and over 95% of your damage comes from Rend, not WW, so it’s useless) and two pieces of Captain Crimson, necessitating the use of the Ring of Royal Grandeur. This means you’re missing the Band of Might and Convention of Elements. Wearing Captain Crimson also means you had to put Lamentation into the Cube, so you’re missing out on Mantle of Channelling which is another 25% damage and mitigation.


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I’m still gearing lol the grasp is there till i get a COE

Your non season barb also uses grasp, so I assumed you were using the ring on purpose.

this is exactly what i was talking about, I’m very confused as to how something is being "added’ when it’s not added…

I did some testing, and is seems that D3planner is wrong in the way that it shows the attack speed as being additive. However, this does not affect your sheet attack speed unlike the Istvan’s set.

I think the description on the weapons could be clearer, though. Currently it says: “During Whirlwind you gain 45% increased attack speed and movement speed”. I think it should say “During Whirlwind you gain 45% movement speed, and Whirlwind attacks 45% faster”.

As it is written now, it gives the impression that you should be dealing 45% more damage, and that is not the case since all of your damage comes from rend, and rend does not stack more than 2x on a mob. Also, Rend does not seem to be affected by your sheet damage increase from attack speed.

I do not know if this also affects the attack speed of other skills or not, since there are no other skills that you can use while Whirlwinding that I know of. Since Rend can only stack up to 2x per second, and its damage is not affected by attack speed, I suppose it does not matter if your global attack speed is increased or not, especially since the weapons also generate fury and will negate any fury loss from the extra attack speed.

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