Bul-Kathos or istvans?

The header.
Should I get Bul-kathos vow then get istvans or keep gambling and grinding for istvans
Note this is for my zodiac rend Brab

Edit i would link my build im using to grind for stuff dont know how to

edit 2 nvm here you go https://us.diablo3.com/en-us/profile/Treannl-1323/hero/129529885

This season folks are using the BK swords for t16 and ethereals for everything else.

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For non-seasonal, the choice between Bul-Kathos and Istvan’s is extensively discussed in…

If you’re talking about a seasonal Barbarian, you’ll be wanting BKs for speeds, and an Ethereal Grandfather for pushing.

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Ok thanks I’ll look at that thread im nonseason so get BK then istvans later on?

Edit would suggest any changes other dropping focus and restraint and frenzy for fury as I finish getting stuff

Istvans really isn’t meant for casual game play. The BK swords are great up to like GR125. Then the fun goes away.

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