Bugged Ice Climbers?

Tl;dr: Can’t get Ice Climbers as ancient, 300 attempts through reforging in cube.

Ice Climbers appear to be bugged, at the very least for me.

The general consensus in the community is that there is about a 1/10 chance to get a legendary item as an ancient, so after not succeeding in reforging the Ice Climber boots to an ancient variant after 300 attempts, it leads me to believe it’s been bugged somehow in the PTR patch.

I tested a wide variety of other items, all of which I succeded in getting ancient in less than, or around 20 attempts.

Did you check that you’re not reforging Ice Climbers that aren’t level 70?
Only level 70 legendaries can be ancient (or primal).

I did, yeah. Tried with several Ice Climbers, figuring that just one of them might be bugged (somehow,) but throughout 300 attempts I didn’t succeed in getting any of them ancient.

Edit; Tried it today and managed to get it ancient within 5 attempts, so I guess it’s not bugged and I’m just the unluckiest sod in the world? Same item, now ancient with 295 attempts less.