Bugged damage on my sword


Sword on my Barbarian ( Buldozder )Primal ancient set mighty weapon is bugged from 3000 damge to 500 damage and I dont know how is it possible ???

Don’t roll the damage off of it.

Go back to Myriam and have her put the damage back.

See item #9 on https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/things-that-are-not-bugs.


Thank you for your quick antwort its was really helpful, it was the problem. Have you any advice how to build this sword Bul Kathos Warrior Blod on Barbarion Whirlrend build pure damage, elemental damage or chance to inflinct bleed ??

Well, since you already rolled the damage, you have no other choice now except to change it back to damage. If you had rolled off the Vitality, you could get 24% area damage or 10% Cooldown, but that is not possible now.

The only thing you can do now is to roll the damage back on the weapon. Elemental or straight damage does not make a difference. The damage type is determined by the rune on your skill, not your weapon (except for certain builds).

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Ok, thanks. I dont know what i rolled but now i have Posion damage, strength, vitality, 10% damage ( 3010,1 damage ).

For the future, everything you could possibly want to know about WW/Rend…