Bug where characters get weak after doing gr16

Bug where characters get weak after doing gr16, it happened to me twice with barb and with demonhunter after i done gr 95 (i do not know if finishing gr75 or achieving paragon 800 triggers this) suddenly i cannot even kill mobs at normal t16 anymore.
When i create a new character i can play for a while. I just made a crusader and he does not have an issue for now… But pretty sure the same will happen soon.
I am very sad and disappointed as i can no longer play with my girlfriend now.

‘Sudden drop in power out of no where, without reason’ happens when the player breaks set/LoD bonus by mistake. Your SC season DH for example is wearing Marauder boots, your barb, IK pants, breaking your 6 pc bonus.


There’s a game mechanic that makes this happen WAY too often. When you hover over a new piece of gear it gives you the red/green stat change. But that doesn’t account for breaking set bonuses. Last month I found an ancient helm for my DH wearing the GoD set and it was perfect… 6% Crit, nearly 1000 dex… all three metrics were solid green… two over 10%. So I put it on. Wait a sec… that’s not a Dystopian Hood it’s a Shrouded Hood that looks nearly the same but totally nerfed my toon.

My solution to this is to add one more line to the stats… Red “Lowers set to 5 items” or Green “Raises set to 4 items” for example. Grey “No change to set bonus”

My solution is that players need to start paying better attention. No action required on Blizzard’s part.


Accidentally switching to a wrong set piece can easily happen if the correct and wrong items have very similar inventory icons. For example take a look at IK and Wastes set pants, I can see how one might accidentally mix those up if not paying attention.

However this is not something that really requires any extra indicators or anything to be added. Players just need to pay attention.

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They do not account for Set Bonuses AT ALL. So, those numbers are irrelevant when comparing Set pieces from different Sets.

If you cannot see how many Set pieces you have equipped or will lose if you remove one, then no amount of signs and blinking lights will help you.

My solution is…   well…

To that, I will only add: Sacrificing full Set Bonuses for an extra 5% - 10% extra Damage from one item is never a good idea.

And yet every week we see a “Character isn’t doing damage” thread. Hell, there’s TWO up right now. Clearly something isn’t working as intended for some players. I have a hunch that it’s related to players for which English isn’t their primary language.

What ever happened to deductive reasoning and the capability to logically conclude a relation between catalyst and results.


The second best other way to brake a build is also to replace a leg ring (A) on you char because it better than another (B) but you forgot to change the ring in the cube.

So… You’re equipped with “two” B rings…
I’m a pro on this issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Something that would greatly help your barb characters is to follow the guide for the Zodiac/Rend build I will link it below.

You will notice that it isn’t up to date with the current patch. It is still rock solid now. All you would need to do is to jump in the guide to find out how to gear up the follower, which is the enchantress. You would use her all of the time.

Dropping IK set pieces and getting the Wrath set gloves means that now instead of RoG you would use Zodiac in the cube slot. Then get Lamentation belt for the belt slot. The Wastes set isn’t for making WW the main dps’er. Instead it it rend that does the main dps.

Because some players just don’t put the effort of learning the game. That’s the fault of the player, not the game. Trying to make it more idiot-proof just encourages the player to become more idiotic.