Bug on German website " &n bsp ;"

There are some


on this website:



Updated, thanks for some tricks here :slight_smile:


Seems like I’m not allowed to post IMG’s…or I dont know how to :smiley:

I recognize the code, since I use it all the time. But, I didn’t respond because of the way TAADERBE typed it. Now, I realize they typed it that way because they’re unfamiliar with using preformatted text.

I’m not sure I follow you.

Typing Produces
thesewords thesewords
these words these words
these  words these  words
these   words these   words

Unless TAADERBE was quoting someone and they were referring to what they saw in the Reply window, which wouldn’t show in the Preview.


Is the first anchor on the D2R Site


The issue is located at the list.

Überarbeitete Grafik – Monster, Helden, Gegenstände und Zauber erwachen zu neuem Leben.

Geplanter plattformübergreifender Fortschritt – behaltet euren Fortschritt, egal auf welchem Gerät ihr spielt.

In addition the gallery at the features cuts the content on mobile left and right. Leaderbords/UI


Truncating the button text is bad practice.


Thanks, Corn.

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Sorry I forgot that quote is possible, and I could not leave any link. But as you can see everyone was able to find it very quick.


For future reference:

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Thanks, I will do next time :slight_smile:

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