Bug fixes for Zeal range 1, Dodge/Evade and Phoenix cast

Hello, looking forwards to D2: Rez

I heard that maybe some bugs might be getting fixed.

Is short range melee zeal bug gonna be fixed? The one where you only single hit instead of Zeal due to 1 range. Can get around that problem by equipping at least 2 range or higher weapons.

Amazon doge/evade bug where an Amazon does a successful dodge and then cannot hit anything until she moves a bit.

Phoenix cast bug where fire trigger causes melee to pause for 0.6 seconds? ( Not really sure that is a bug to be honest )

That is basically the only thing I’m concerned with. See you all in December if not sooner!

Would like to see poison stacking fixed to be honest

It’s not a bug since that is exactly how the Druids Firestorm is supposed to behave.
Changing this would not only help the Phoenix RW, but also the Fire Druid build a lot.

But it would be a balance change and I am not exactly sure if touching the balance of the game at this point is a good idea.

Maybe later in the life of D2:R and maybe in a separate mode, but definitely not for D2:R release.