[BUG] Executioner does not work with Follower


The item, Executioner, does not work with Follower as intended.


Does a Blue Post actually mention, this was intended ?
I certainly hope so.


There’s no point in the item existing if it doesnt, really. Not at 5-10%. It probably was intended as a Follower item to open up the Enchantress as a viable option.

Good idea, actually. It’s the most exciting thing for me in the patch.


Followers can proc other legendaries (Thunderfury etc.) so it would make sense if they could use this one too.


One would consider this a bug for sure since Eirina can equip the item of the same name on Live (2.6.5).


To clarify, I assume you mean that the new ability on Executioner does not proc via the follower. Eirena should still be able to equip the item regardless.

This is actually intended, and not a bug. It was something we discussed internally and came to the conclusion that it would eliminate any kind of gearing choice (and arguably, Follower choice) for players. For now, we’d like to see how Executioner gets used among player builds regardless of Follower, as the intent wasn’t for it to become a Follower-specific addition.

Update the Follower skills and add some gems