[BUG] Echoing Fury does not work with Darts


Echoing Fury does not currently work when playing DoD Witch Doctor.

On builds like this, pets do all the damage, so would love to see this work properly as another option to Sacred Harvester.



Noticed it too and was a little disappointed. Hope this will get fixed.


Can confirm its all pets not just wd , same on necro etc!


also can confirm this. Its the same problem as the one with oculus on a follower when pets kill monsters its also not procs the oculus. I tried the echoing fury with LoN Carnevil on PTR, but you only get the Attackspeed bonus up a few times when you kill the monster with your own dart.


It might be a difficult fix to code then if it’s tied to player like Oculus.

A better fix might be to make it “on hit” so that it works with all builds, including pets, but still keeps the theme of the item by making your character the active attacker.


“on hit” might be a good solution. depends on what the proc coefficient will be tho.


Just tested Hydra. None of the runes, including unruned, activated the bonus of echoing fury.

Echoing Fury is not working with Hydra.

Tested unruned mirror image, same deal. Echoing fury is not working with mirror image.


This item power is great, but REALLY needs to change to “on hit.”

This would give an improved option for lower tier builds, and most importantly, would not make the highest tier builds much better (thorns Necro, Vyrs).


We verified that Echoing Fury (and Messerschmidt’s Reaver) weren’t proccing off of kill assists or pet kills, after multiple reports received. While not explicitly a bug, we do agree that would make for better functionality for both items, so we’ll be making sure both apply when 2.6.6 goes to live.

Thanks for the reports and the feedback, guys!