Bug : Bounty:The Jar Of Souls

It happen we can’t complete that bounty.
Location : Cemetery of the Forsaken

Repeatable : yes

Randomly bugged.

Quest : [Bounty:The Jar Of Souls ]

Can happen : [ ] Kill the remaining Monster. => No monster remain in the crypt.


Can happen : [ ] Destroy the Jar of Souls => you click it and get No credit for it.

its it possible to desactivate that buggy bouty until it get a fix?.

Did 3 Run of bounty and 2 of them get that buggy quest.

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I see this bounty bug out maybe once every 2-3 seasons, so it is not not worth my time worrying about.

If you run so many bounties that you are seeing it fairly often, then either skip any games where that bounty comes up, or run that bounty first so you will know if you need to remake that game before you have invested any time in it.

It has been bugged for many, many years now and they get complaints each season, so I would not expect them to remove it from the rotation, or fix it.

Stop running games where this bounty comes up, and you will not have any issues with it.


Weirdly enough, I have never run into this bug. And I’ve done this bounty countless times. Sure would be nice to know what, if anything, actually triggers it.

My standard strategy is to kill enough monsters to fulfill the 2nd part of the bounty, trigger it, then TP home and do another bounty. Once finished, I return to this one and kill the remaining monsters. It’s similar to the cursed chests that require you to kill 100 monsters.


I have a feeling it’s related to doing something too fast in the end.
I encountered this only once when I did the bounty myself, trying to complete the bounty as fast as possible. Then I got suggestions to do click things in the end a little slower and never had the problem after that.
Now I only see this bug in public bounties when someone else finished the jar bounty.

It’s really annoying. I’d also like to see this bounty fixed or removed, but seems too much to ask at this point.


I experienced this last night in coop bounties using meteor build. I suspect your theory is correct similar to the Monk WOL issue and jelly gobs. Bottom line, slow your roll!

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Yeah also last time it occurs due to fast kills. Now i’m just running around before timer expires after that kill the remain enemys

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