Buff Barb EQ Set

IMO the Earthquake set is fun and one of my favorite. How is it this season I can get all ancient and some primals for this set, augmented the set, get the rolls I need on the gear and your lucky to do 80’s. Now I can take trash WW gear and easily do 95’s +…Now granted I am not paragon 324234231 like some people and if everyone played it at paragon 0, its complete trash damage wise compared to WW.

They are buffing Inna’s for monk which is nice but I don’t see that doing anything more than what it did to begin with. They redid firebirds and got some use but was far from top build for that class.

Each set should be with in a grift level or so and to fine tune to do this, buff and or nerf sets by 20-40% at a time until each set is clearing the same content.

Now granted each class set may play differently, but for having good rolled gear with stats I need for EQ but then run trash gear for a ww and be able to do so much more just shows how unbalanced this game has been for years. I really don’t expect anymore changes then this really since D2 Resurrected is coming out SOON*(somehow blizzard trademarked this word) which I can’t wait to go back playing!!!


It will never get better or reach parity.

I wasted 3 years hoping it would. Now I only pay attention during PTR as it seems to be the only actual fun left in the game.

You can get into the 130’s with some GG stuff and learning how to group enemies. Wudijo is a decent person to look at on youtube. It needs to be around 10x stronger to be anywhere near Wastes.

True but most people that can do that with that set are in the thousands of paragons I believe.


Paragon builds should not be a thing either, it gives people too much of an advantage. If only Blizz would do away with main stat in paragon.

I believe Blizz’s goal now is to get every set able to solo GR150 but again, they need to not consider paragon to do that.

There are some good leapquake topics in the barb forums.

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Doing only GR80 with an augmented MotE set seems really low.

Leap Quake is by far my favorite build. Spin to Win was short lived and now ranks low compared to other builds. We barbs need another buff. Death from Above baby!

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EQ is probably about 5-7 GRs weaker than WW/Rend. Needs roughly 2 - 2.5x damage to reach parity.

80 is pretty low, even with trash gear… you should go read my EQ guide. I’m happy to help you out with any questions you might have.