Bounty Botter Report


I identified some hack users who utilize multiple account and CPU for bounty caches. While their main characters clear GR, their multiple accounts clear bounties and give caches to the main character, which are the clear evidence they are using xxx-botting program. I attached the video below (one of them is a broadcaster in Twitch). All of them is from Asia (Korea) server. I included their battletag in my youtube video.

(Videos removed - we don’t permit calling out others on the forums. Please report your findings via Thanks!



Looks like a duck quacks like a duck probably a duck.

The question is where is the line drawn for Blizzard internally to enforce common sense bans?


Nice find, and great work! If only they will do something about it soon.

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While I appreciate your outreach to report wrong-doings, the forums are not the appropriate place to do so. Please email your findings to in the future.