Bots in Diablo III


is it just me, or is there more lvling/bountie bots than there is in D2? i play 10 hours or more a day, (spinal fusion) means you cant a whole lot. but iam only 1130 paragon… so either the peeps at 2000+ take stay awake pills or blizzard needs to get there crap together… they tried in d2 and failed with “warden” . suely iam not the only person to see this?


p2k isn’t that much really. I made p1000 the first week mostly solo. Friends in meta groups were already over p2k 10 days ago. Meta groups are where the paragon comes from.


Yes, there are botters out there - see the dozen or so other threads about that…

That said, experienced people are also more efficient at getting exp than you are - the amounts of exp that you can get for doing high lvl GR rat runs are insane compared to what you can achieve playing solo in the same amount of time.

But rat runs notwithstanding, honestly, if you play 10 hrs a day, I would expect you to be way higher than at 1130. I have been really busy with other things this season and couldn’t have possibly played more than an hour or two a day on average and am still at 1k. This is just to say that paragon level alone is not a good indicator of whether someone is a botter.

As a side note, looking at your toon, you should be able to easily plow through GR110+, which should give you quite a lot of exp even solo.


You mean like the botting post where people must be botting because the amount of hours played by the character exceeds the actual amount of hours the season has been opened for?


All I’m saying is that botting is something that is being discussed (or rather complained about since there’s nothing to discuss) in a bunch of other threads.

And if a character has more played hours than there have been during the season, then you’re looking at the total count and the char has been re-birthed. That means nothing.


This doesn’t mean they’re botting just that they rebirthed into season from non-season…

When you check the profile of any player at the leaderboards, go to:

  • season and than summary
  • mouse over the the class of the char you suspect is botting and check his actual play time in season


A lot of the ppl complaining about Bots wouldn’t know a bot if it bit them in the butt.

If OP is playing 10 hrs/day since day 1, and only has 1100 para, then OP isn’t very efficient in his para farming. So I guess those who are must be bots.


1.1k paragons with nolifing 10h/day?:smiley: how?

I am playing 1.5h/day average and i have 1095 paragons.

If i had active friends i could be at 1.4k easy


Right, but why D3? This is probably the worst way to waste your time if you have obscene amounts to spare. Beyond like 10 hours total in a season, you’re basically accomplishing 0.0005% of anything at all.

Secondly, again, what other people do does not matter to anybody else in the slightest unless you, for some reason, are obsessed with leader boards and let’s face it, you’re not going to reach the top no matter what you do. Somebody’s always the bigger exploiter of mechanics and/or always more lucky.

Finally, every time they banned bots in D2, the bots just became stronger. That’s the legacy of banning bots. If you want to pump money into D3 every month, great, but as you’re playing a game that’s essentially free minus a small activation fee, the failure here is probably more on the expectation than the delivery.

WoW is $15/mo and they still have a bot problem. D3 is $15 forever on the right holiday sale and how many resources have they put into banning bots overall? One lowly developer is $50/hr plus benefits unless it’s a contractor. Then, it’s like $300/hr. How much time do you think it would take for a competent team to eat up the entire D3 budget?

I’m just saying if they do it again, count yourself lucky. Don’t take it as their duty.

So tl;dr: You don’t pay enough for effective security and it’s pointless anyways.


Don’t go above T1 or even normal


Bots are everywhere in this game. So much so they probably out weigh actual players.
Personally i think Thud and Bottters are just scum. Alot of ppl will say well if everyone does it why cant i. That doesnt make u any less of a cheat