Bots and maphack

Will blizzard be able to keep out the cheaters? Bots and maphack really does take out a lot of the fun in the game, and even decreases the length of seasons by messing up the values of items etc. Also hope they somehow can keep out real money trading, like D2Jsp.

Please, no bots.

With the game being moved over to modern servers, that opens up the doors to more effective cheating countermeasures. I just hope they use them much more frequently than they did with the original game.


And more frequently than they do now.

D2 items and bots just got revived.

With the game being moved over to modern servers, that opens up the doors to more effective cheating countermeasures.

^ This.

We can never guarantee this migration will be an impenetrable way to counter hackers, cheaters, or botters; but it should help mitigate these issues significantly. Great question, Floonyloo.


They Just need an SSF mode, then the cheat bots can go wild and who cares.

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Umm, what? Do you want to think about that reply some more, or do you enjoy the taste of your own foot in your mouth?

The vast, vast majority of players in Diablo play Co-op. The spirit of the game heavily emphasizes team play. Cheating and duping ruins the game for the vast majority of that majority. SSF doesn’t even come close to being a viable solution. It’s not even a solution, period.

I’ve thought about it plenty. I’ve played D2 over the course of 20 years. If people are going to continue to cheat and break a 20 year old game, and put hordes of effort into this, Blizzard can’t stop them. But if they offer SSF mode, at least that will be unaffected by the rest of the scum.

You can stick your own foot in your mouth, there is no need to be toxic.


Okay, I think I see the issue. you’re talking about the 20 year old game, right? Not D2R. I was aghast someone would actually think SSF would fix cheating in D2R. My first (and second) responses were far less constructive.

Yeah, I don’t care about cheating in vanilla D2. That horse is beaten to a bloody pulp and then been corpse exploded.

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D2R is still the 20 year old game with changes laid on top of it. Do you honestly think they are going to put a ton of resources to stay on top of cheating when they can’t even solve it for Diablo 3?

But, did you even read my reply? I just can’t even. I literally can’t even. I’m gonna leave the thread before I get thrown out :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. They are charging $40+ to play this game. It will sell millions if not tens of millions of copies. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they have stash space for sale via micros.

They are definitely going to put resources towards anti-cheating.

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Oh, thank god. I still have trouble thinking anyone could legitimately think blizzard could spend millions of dollars on remastering Diablo 2, only to say “here’s SSF, we solved the cheating problem! Buy D2R!”

I’m still sort of aghast.

It looks like D2R would be the new anti-bot testing ground for D4. Well, its pure launch state won’t last for long for sure…

It seems that’s what they’d test themselves with D2R.

Like the ones that did such a stellar job in D3? Those?

The entire Asia region - aka Bot Central - is laughing at you.


What about Consoles? Will Seasons on D2:R be “online only” to avoid the issue with D3 and offline and exploiting?

No, the botters always win in the end…

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With unrestricted trade credit card warriors thrive and you can’t do anything with that.

Yeah they will. Nobody has challenged Blizzard like in the old days. Also they’ve lost key expertise used to exercise their legal framework to fight hackers/cheaters. On top of this, they let escape their best anti-cheat engineers to competitors(Microsoft/Riot/etc). It is clown level to believe they are ready. Coincidentally it reminds me when D2 was released and they were so confident with their dedicated servers (a big jump from Diablo1), Bill Roper said to the gaming press D2 closed are ‘unhackable’.

Whatever protection measures they have now is like The Wall from Game of Thrones, it stands mighty keeping out the ghouls… until the blue fire approaches…

I found that very ironic.

Of course there is no NEED to be toxic. But life is not about NEEDS, is it?

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So, does that include characters to be persistent? That chars are not deleted after x time inactivity?