Boots from DH's "Gears of Dreadlands"

Can anyone explain to me the following?

Why is it that while this set’s bonuses benefit the primary skills of DH, the boots of the set have an option to enchant for a skill from the “Archery” or the “Secondary” groups of skills but can’t be enchanted for a skill form the “Primary” group which is the benefactor of the set bonuses?

Primary Damage rolls on the Belt and Pants.

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So that stat is wasted on belts and pants when the set buffs damage to anything else but primary skills, just like it is wasted for primary set bonus on boots.

No, it means you can roll those properties to something else.

No, it means it is a wasted enchant on a set item as it provides no benefit whatsoever, I guess nobody took their time to remove a utterly useless enchant from the list of enchants for a particular set item and replaced it with something useful, so they left it as if that set item was a general item, which is not.

You don’t have to roll an offensive property on everything. There are other properties you can use. There is nothing “wasted” about this. Certain properties can only be rolled on certain slots. It’s no different than complaining that you can’t roll CHD on boots.

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