Bone Skewer achievement Xbox bugged

Hi, I can‘t complete the Bone Skewer achievement on Xbox.
Yesterday i tried to push the achievement and got it within the game but not the Xbox achievement. It is suck at 77%. Since the ingame achievement popped I fulfilled the requirements several times even with a new necromancer but without success.

It seams I have no option to get the Xbox achievement now. Please fix it!

I found a fix for this today -

Go to Xbox settings → System → Storage Devices, and choose clear local saved games.

Go to Xbox settings → General → Network settings, and choose go offline.

Play Diablo 3 with an offline new save, create a necromancer and go to Ruins of Corvus in adventure to complete the Bone Skewer challenge.

Save, exit game, close the game. Go back to network settings and go online. Open the game, and when prompted which save to load, BE SURE to choose the save file from the CLOUD or risk losing your characters. The achievement should pop. Worked for me today, good luck!


Thank you very much! It worked for me too!
I’m so happy that it was fixable with your workaround.

I have the same problem but with the “Curse Your Enthusiasm” achievement where u have tu kill 5000 cursed enemies. It got stuck at 99%. Think i´ll try this method after unlocking the other achievements. I´m afraid to lose all my progress XD. Thanks!