Bombardier's Rucksack doesn't have new bonus

Bombardier’s Rucksack: You may have 2 additional Sentries. Cluster Arrow deals 150-200% increased damage.

The Cluster Arrow buff isn’t yet included on the rucksack.

I guess you bought an Off Hand bag from the vendor. This still contains the old version.
Just by a “Bag of Fortune”. There a new version of the quiver is included.


On Quivers you already have? I don’t think changes to Legendary items are retro.

Confirming what others said:

If you buy a PTR Off-hand cache, it still contains the old version of the rucksack.
If you buy a PTR Bag of Fortune cache, it contains the new version of the rucksack.

So, it’s still possible to get new versions of the rucksack from Djank Miemes, but you have to buy the right cache to get them.


Did not know that. Thanks.

Thanks for this too ! … got a nice ancient off the off-hand pack and rerolled Sentry to 95% before realizing that the CA wasn’t present …