Blue gob disappear

since more than 4 seasons the blue gob disappear when we attack him with strong DPS.
could you please fix this ?

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Sort of known for longer than 4 seasons and is a “not bug” and more a “do less damage so it has time to split” thing.

Annoying, but you’re not going to encounter one on GR150 anyway.

It is a bug in the sense that you should not be able to target and kill any monster in the game until it is fully spawned in.

The “do less damage so it has time to split” is merely a workaround.

It may never get fixed because it’s random. It’s not limited to just the Gelatinous Goblins. There are some Boss monsters that can be killed before they fully spawn and not give you credit for the Achievement. (It’s the same thing).

Then there’s monsters like the Phantasms that spawn in Act V dungeons. (Ruins of Corvus, for example). When they first spawn in, you can’t even target them, much less do Damage to them. All hostiles should work this way, but they don’t… unfortunately.

That is the problem - it has more than one “form.” The initial big one which gets killed, obviously, but then does not trigger the sequential forms. They never spawned so they can’t be killed. Just like how you can’t hurt a monster until it has a life bar, regardless of how long it takes for the animation to stop.

So, it is, in fact, working as intended… to an extent.

The intended behaviour for these goblins is…

  1. Kill the large one, and it spawns two medium ones
  2. Kill the medium ones, and they spawn small ones

If you kill a large one, and no medium ones spawn, that’s a bug.
If you kill a medium one, and no small ones spawn, that’s a bug.

Why are you even attempting to say this is in any way working as intended?

It’s why it’s been on the list of known bugs for years at this point…


…and it’s not just blues. The same thing happens with cursed chest elite packs. If you one-shot the elites too quickly, the chest fails. There is a timing error in the code that allows you to damage/kill things that spawn before they count as there. It’s not a bug specific to this patch, but it’s still a bug.