BlizzConline 2021 Pre-Show Welcome

Ah, yes, SVP.

Let’s have some juicy Diablo news at Blizzconline then!

02.02.2022 seems like a cool date for a release, but I can discard it for anything ending in 21 haha.

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Diablo 4 Devs @ 0:23


Blizzcon and PTR (hoping)… great month we have

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Watch this place for new additions from Blizzconline:

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For anyone who is interested in the Digital Goodies that normally come with the Virtual (or physical) ticket - they are selling them in 3 packages. Tons more stuff than normal.

We get 4 items for D3!

  • Pet
  • Portrait
  • Wings
  • Transmog Set

Details to be announced later - after the annoucment opening day??

There is stuff for all the other games too. For PC the bundles are already for sale. One of the questions normally is about Consoles. It is a bit hard to find, but in one of the Blog posts they do say there will be a Console bundle for D3 to be announced.

A version of this bundle is planned for Overwatch and Diablo III players on console; details, pricing, and availability will be announced at later date.

Lots of details on the other stuff in the bundles there if you also play other Blizz games. I am really liking the new Blizzard bear for WoW - and it drops (poops?) snow balls you can pick up and throw!


Community Team will be in the chats and behind the scenes :slight_smile:

:23 is Luis Barriga - Game Director for Diablo IV and John Mueller - Art Director for Diablo IV

:16 is Careena Kingdom - Lead Animator for Diablo IV



Can’t wait to see what these items are for Diablo III! They must feel pretty confident that people will be excited for the transmog set, since it is one of the few unique items put behind the most expensive tier.


Maybe the reason for why these are not revealed yet is because they eventually could spoil something that will be announced during Blizzconline. Maybe it has something to do with the new character class?!

Could be something about Necromancer, Amazon, Paladin or Assassin or something else.

Or it is related to the reveal of another villain or villains that are returning, like the three Prime Evils.

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Yes. As I said in my post they are likely tied to an announcement. Whatever theme they have will likely be related.

This is kind of normal for Blizz to do.


I wish I could get all of the Diablo items in one package, I am not interested in the other games. No big deal I already have wings and pets that I never use.


The virtual items will be available through September so you can make up your mind after you see them if they are worth it to you.

I get it though, paying for pixels is an odd concept! I have gifted some of the Charity pets from WoW because the person would enjoy it (I wanted to gift a smile and a bit of happiness), and the money went to charity.

Still, some really do like video game stuffs. At least there is no pressure to decide until you see everything and have a long time to think about it.


Is it possible to give the free 30 days of Wow to friends? The only games I come back to are D3 and HotS with friends. SC2 is an absolute fantastic game, but I’m just to bad now. Sometimes Hearthstone Battlegrounds with a friend.

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Unfortunately no, the package can not be split up. There is only one code and it applies to the whole package - not parts of it that you can gift.

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Spicy good news ahead it seems. I just hope you learnt something from the past debacles in “last” 2 years, Blizzard.

edited for clarity. don’t get fixated.

What does Blizzcoline 2021 have to do with Blizzcon 2018?


Hopefully this will be something new and not renamed items that are already drawn 2 years ago :

I would absolutely go crazy for wings that had the texture and glow of the D3 RoS CE wings, but were rainbow in color. Would have loved it even more if it were a toy in WoW too, but the devs there seem to think having a permanently viewable mog attachment isn’t good (15 minute duration on the Darkmoon Faire’s Blazing Wings with a 30 minute cooldown for example).

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I also would be okay with only buying all the Diablo items as a bundle, or only very specific transmogs for a larger individual price than in the bundle, if there is one transmog that I like.

For example, in the RoS Digital Deluxe Edition (upgrading it costs 20 Euros/Dollars for me) there is a transmog for Wizard Sources (The Heart of Darkness) which I find looks really amazing, however, since it is the only transmog of that whole bundle I like, I will not pay 20€ for that. For 2€ or 3€ I would might consider it (although that already is a bit high), but certainly not 20€.

There is another transmog that I find pretty amazing, also a Wizard Source (Guldan’s Secret), which was iirc a bonus for buying the 2014 Virtual Ticket, which I also would buy if the transmog would be available to purchase individually (I know it isn’t, but I would do it for the right price).


little question for CM! I found two descriptions.

Transmog Set – Diablo III (coming soon)

  • Diablo III Helm Transmog Items (coming soon) *

Which one is more correct? Will players get a full set of 6 pieces or just one Helm? :thinking: