BlizzConline 2021 Pre-Show Welcome

Apparently on Day 2 of BlizzConline, there are gonna be Q&A’s with questions from the community.

I think there probably is gonna be a thread where the CM’s are gonna collect questions beforehand, rather than the devs answering them live.


n case the video does not work for some of you, reload this thread or use this link to the original video:


I was able to see the video as well as the website. You may want to check again.

The information is similar to the vudeo. They are selling 3 levels of packs to celebrate 30 years with varying levels of in game goodies. It appears that you will have many months to purchase if desired.


I also can see the video.

Reload this thread and maybe it’ll work.

Here is the link in case it doesn’t.


The website is up for me.


TYVM for the new link that one works.


Friday is looking good. Just show me the Diablo channel, 3.5 hours. :ok_hand:

Then for the next three-plus hours, you’ll have the option to tune in to one of the six different themed channels, so you can decide whether you want to sample a little bit of everything or dig deeper into the games you’re interested in most.

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Indeed Q&A on Day 2!

There will be some further info that will be posted from the BlizzCon team on taking in questions but we will also be taking in questions on Day 1 of BlizzCon to include in the Q&A. Stay tuned!


Anyone know the name of the guy at 0:26? He was a CEO or something.

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That is Allen Adham. He is one of the founders of Blizzard and currently SVP of Product Development here :slight_smile:


Will we see any of the CMs at the event? I have that dollar for you if you still want it. Or I can purchase a meal for a homeless person on your behalf.

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That is cool!

Now I can already prepare some questions and prioritize the ones that are most important for me.

Thank you for the info!

Post them so we can all see.

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Ah, yes, SVP.

Let’s have some juicy Diablo news at Blizzconline then!

02.02.2022 seems like a cool date for a release, but I can discard it for anything ending in 21 haha.

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Diablo 4 Devs @ 0:23


Blizzcon and PTR (hoping)… great month we have

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Watch this place for new additions from Blizzconline:

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For anyone who is interested in the Digital Goodies that normally come with the Virtual (or physical) ticket - they are selling them in 3 packages. Tons more stuff than normal.

We get 4 items for D3!

  • Pet
  • Portrait
  • Wings
  • Transmog Set

Details to be announced later - after the annoucment opening day??

There is stuff for all the other games too. For PC the bundles are already for sale. One of the questions normally is about Consoles. It is a bit hard to find, but in one of the Blog posts they do say there will be a Console bundle for D3 to be announced.

A version of this bundle is planned for Overwatch and Diablo III players on console; details, pricing, and availability will be announced at later date.

Lots of details on the other stuff in the bundles there if you also play other Blizz games. I am really liking the new Blizzard bear for WoW - and it drops (poops?) snow balls you can pick up and throw!


Community Team will be in the chats and behind the scenes :slight_smile:

:23 is Luis Barriga - Game Director for Diablo IV and John Mueller - Art Director for Diablo IV

:16 is Careena Kingdom - Lead Animator for Diablo IV



Can’t wait to see what these items are for Diablo III! They must feel pretty confident that people will be excited for the transmog set, since it is one of the few unique items put behind the most expensive tier.