Blizzcon will be better than it has been in like 10 years


but you forgot to mention that it takes unfair levels of play to get those items drop as ancients directly.


No it doesn’t. It takes stupid levels of play to get Primals, but Ancients aren’t difficult.

It might be harder depending on your play style… you don’t go beyond T11 or T12, if I remember correctly, so of course you’re going to have a more difficult time than someone in T16. And if you don’t do bounties to reroll anything it’ll be harder still.

Plus you hate Kadala.


Primals i’m not even considering yet
i play T13 or T15, Grifts equal to that
i indeed don’t try upgrading alot, true that
i hate Kadala, but i use her ofc, because i get keeping showered with bloodshards
-she barely drops anything, because i’ve a character in full ancient on each class, except wizard. i think that has an influence on her drops.


This isn’t true. T10 allowed you to progress just at a slower rate. They were not forced to increase drop rates, they chose to. THEY increased the power creep to a point that everyone could steamroll T10 and then the fans responded by saying they need higher torments. The devs added more torments and that allowed for increased drop rates, obviously.

The power creep hasn’t stopped. People are cruising through T16 now and speed clearing GR 70s getting 8 or 9 leggos every Grift. The gear grind is shorter than ever, and how do they ‘fix’ that? Ancient ancients that’s how. That’s not content, it’s just more power creep/inflated numbers. Drop chance only affects the time it takes to complete the gear grind. Lowering drop chance doesn’t reverse power creep at all. All the power creep has come from the insane damage multipliers on sets and leggos and bliz consistently increasing numbers across the board. It’s just :crazy_face:


By the time T10 was around there had already been several drop rate increases, and the items that had been really rare - IE Starmetal Kukri - had already gotten a targeted drop rate increase.

GRs were also a big culprit in drop rate increases, and they were also around before T10.

Further, Kadala’s drop rates were upgraded several times, and Blood Shards became massively easier to get en masse.

And then we got the Cube, providing yet another avenue to get legendary items via upgrading yellows.


Drop rates have nothing to do with power creep. The items that the devs change or create is what causes power creep. The only thing that drop rates do is determine how long it will take us to find those really great items.

Look all games have problems with power creep, even games like PoE. By that account the true dedicated player would leave as soon as the smallest bit of power creep shows up. With that line of reasoning dedicated players would’ve left WoW during Burning Crusades, even though according to the majority that expansion was the best expansion that WoW has had.

Now you are talking about power creep in amounts. Make up your mind it is either the insane amount of power creep in this game you are talking about or it is power creep in any form that it takes no matter how small or how big.

This mess has a lot of symptoms that started with Jay and company. The way the game was originally designed. Along with the changes on RoS lead the devs down the road to causing it to rain legendaries out of the sky. The fact that the gear makes the build almost forces them to do just that. Without that type of drop rates along with the fact there wouldn’t be any alternatives to BiS gear would mean that it could take players many months to years to be able to play the build that they want within a reasonable amount of time.

Having gear make the build also made it impossible for the devs to increase the power of the character by actually giving it to the characters instead of the gear.

Knowing that the chances of a second expansion for this game is slim and none then there will be no grand overhauls to this game that would make it even better than what it is now. So we will have to live with the game as it stands.

First of all the items have to exist in order for power creep to exist. Which means that if the devs of a game never make changes to the game at all, which is what they would have to do in order to make sure there is zero power creep. A game without any new content at all for many long decades might not work at all.


Sounds like it’s going to be a WoW Expansion and an Overwatch Sequel/Expansion.

Probably no Diablo news then.

Hype train officially dead for me.

But who knows.


What the gear that you want still takes too much effort to get. I guess Blizz needs to mail you primals with the stats you need for whatever build you want to play. I don’t see how it is unfair levels of play. Oh wait I know you want to be able to get all decked out in primals without ever stepping into a GR or going higher than normal right.


Yes I know that…you know what else is a “change”? A decrease is a change…which you say here counteracts power creep…why would you say a change automatically leads to power creep, and then state that if it is a change in a certain direction, it nullifies powercreep?


On a patch where you find the items quicker (PTR with buffed leg drop rate for example) you invest less time to gain the same character stats as before. That is the power creep from increased item drop chances. And it takes away the meaning of the work of the dedicated grinders who spend a lot more time in the past to gain these same stats. This is the same as introducing new more powerful items allowing the players to gain these stats quicker/easier.

If a player who is a dedicated grinder wanting to maximize its character stats/wealth in comparison to other players gains stats X for a year, and after a patch the regular player could gain the same stats X for a week, this means the patch introduced power creep and the work of the grinder has been reduced by 52 times.

It’s like working a year for a boss B and after that being paid for a week. Would you work again for B? Most sane people won’t.

Constant power creep is the reason why no serious grinders would play what is in its core a grinding game. Just as botting, which essentially transforms in more stats for those who practice this form of cheating. Botting is the unofficial power creep.

Nullifying means not changing it.

Decreasing/increasing drop chances means it’s a change and this affects power creep.

If you increase drop chances with each patch, you’ll start losing dedicated players. If you decrease drop chances with each patch, you’ll start losing casual players. Best scenario is to never touch these. Just as to never introduce any power creep. Just as to perma ban botters and never allow them to buy another license (like I do with the people on my troll list).

What you do if suddenly the chance to find any item gets 0? You’ll buy items from vendors. To do that you’ll need gold from killing mobs with your starting weapon at Level 0. Try it, just never pick any items that drop. Progress is slower than before, because you lack the stats from before. That is reverse power creep.


That’s because vendors don’t have the good items… but they would if the drop rate was 0 and your only option was to buy them.


No that’s not what nullify means…
Try again.


if i have to drop my fun builds and suffer complexity and frustration, yes, then it’s unfair.
-i don’t even ask for primals.


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Don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it, though to be fair I guess, it seems obvious that you didn’t anyways, so maybe it’s a cry for help.

Did you have a hard day 3 days ago?


What do you really need ancients to play the build that you want? No, you don’t need ancients to play the build that you want. Heck there are many snowflake builds out there that don’t need ancients to be successful as far as you having fun. Just get a Legacy of Dreams Gem to level 99 which isn’t that hard to do these days by using any decent set build. Then when you have done that. Along with collecting the gear and it all doesn’t have to be ancient. Then you can try the build out to see how strong it is.

Also there is no complexity when playing the strongest builds. Just put on a set along with its support legendaries and legendary gems. Then just keep playing to get what you want out of the game.


i play all classes at T13 or T15
-i need ancients to play those levels with comfort.
-i’ve barely a current issue with that.
-my point was the low droprate of ancients directly at those levels.


Look if you are playing a build to see if it is a fun build to play. A build that you would want to get better gear for. Then you don’t need all ancients to find out if that build is fun to play. You could keep the other setup you used to farm the new gear for that build. Then after testing you could figure out if you wanted to keep it or junk it.


my goal is to play T13 or T15 with comfort;
-i can only find that out, if i have an ancient build.
-the rest was in my former post.


Again I say that you don’t need all ancients to be able to comfortably play those levels. What can’t tell whether or not a build is fun to play unless you are clearing those torments in under a minute. I am talking about the goal of wanting to know whether or not a build is fun to play.

I wouldn’t doubt that if I ever decided to play an impale DH I could quite comfortably play T13-15 without any ancients with ease.

Look there are no doubt many set builds that if you have the right support legendaries could easily farm those torments without ancients. Now if you are wanting to use the special snowflake builds that I seen in your profile then I can understand why you are saying you need all ancients.

That is unless you are wanting to see how strong you can make those snowflake builds.