Blizzcon in November

Could it be that they stopped all development on the seasons because they have something else instore for D3.
Or, has D3 truly run it’s course? Are they all in on D4 and D($) now? Are D3 and D2R being put to pasture?

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Don’t set yourself up for disappointment…

I think we can all agree that 11 years is a hell of a run, and they’ve already confirmed that they’ll be recycling through previous season themes. Now this doesn’t mean they won’t do anything except recycle season themes… They can always do some numbers tweaking… There are plenty of dials to tweak in the game.

Absolutely… These are their latest cash cows of the franchise… They’re going to be doing anything they can to make the player dig deeper into their wallets.

Outside of that, my guess is likely something for WoW (gotta keep that massive cashpipe flowing), perhaps even a new game announcement.


Diablo will be in hall A at Blizzcon not sure what they have instore for Diablo fans. No hype no speculation just wondering. I had more fun in D3 s29 than I did in D4 s1. I am not sure if I will even finish the last chapter.


It’s unlikely Diablo 3 will get a boost of new content. One issue that has plagued Blizzard since its inception is competing products. As the games have such a direct overlap in userbase, some teams lose out on opportunities because those at the top are afraid teams will cannibalize each other.

Also, you need to take into consideration the new management structure. Diablo under a single umbrella, the Diablo 3 community is now a microcosm of this. In contrast, before, it sat outside of it (I suppose before Diablo Immortal). Having the same franchise makes it easy to do this, which doesn’t make sense because they could be different games run by different teams if the company thought more about it instead of painting them all with the same brush. And now, without internal or external competition, innovation and mind-blowing changes are unlikely. What you can expect at Blizzcon is some nice juicy fat D4 microtransactions you can sink your wallet into.

All we can do is hope. D2 was a product of it’s time and through enough demand, D2R was born. Maybe D3R will be a thing one day, but likely not any time soon.

If it does, I do hope they don’t butcher it and shove MTX in your face. That’ll totally ruin it for me.

Porbably an announcement of D4 expac. Or their new project. That survival mmo or what not.

Man, think so already? You’d think they’d want to fix the current mess before expanding upon it but I wouldn’t be surprised…

Sure, why not? They get money sooner.

The expansion could be part of the “fix”, who knows?

If they were really generous, and if the first expansion is truly a “fix” to the issues, they could even… gasp… Give the first one for free:scream:

Just thinking out loud here. I have no knowledge of anything related to this.

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That kind of crap wouldn’t surprise me either and something I “semi-in-jest” mentioned when I first began playing D4 to experience it myself, making something how it should have been from the start then sell it.

CD Projekt Red knew Cyberpunk was crap and released 2 huge patches to fix it free. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Blizzard tried to profit off that.

D3 is in the best state it ever was. Would I like some new game addition? Yes, totally. F.e. Hellfire Uberboss overhauled and expanded, some cool new game systems like the Altar, etc. But I`m just fine with a big balance patch or some small tweaks to some seasons thems f.e. one more ethereal for every class.

D2R is not done.

It is in a great spot. I still think some sets needs tweaked.

D2R has had some nice additions to it. Not sure what all more they can do without changing the original experience.

Content wise, it is done.

QoL/Balance wise? It has come a ways compared to the OG (even worse in a few cases), but it still definitely needs work.

This would be a dream come true, but even if it comes, it’s provably 2027 the earliest

F.e. Some new Rune words for the ladder and have a rotation for runewords for each new ladder.

I’m cool with new rune words. They’re an addition that doesn’t change the core experience to something it wasn’t. It’d be like adding new sets maybe.

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Probably not that much, even though I’d like to see “Rifts”

With that I mean randomly generared areas from all acts with a difficulty selection when you enter. Like GR levels.
As a SSF player, there is currently no way to adjust difficulty unless you choose the offline mode. However there you can’t share savegames between PS4 and PS5 versions, crosssave only works for online…

If you have a good build running like a Tesladin, P1 is a total joke.

I know that diehard D2 fans would be against this, and therefore don’t think that they’d ever implement something like that

Nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking.

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They said annual expansions so why not announce it on Blizzcon?

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Yep… A preview, a demo, a teaser of things to come… Generate the hype…


I do not have any inside scoop but I believe they will talk a lot about the first D4 expansion.

They will also talk about the new things they have instore for D($). Nothing for D2R or D3.

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