Blizzard, you're an embarrassment

This is the only company I know of, in which you can’t select a language in the xbox 360 game. I just bought the physical copy from someone in Quebec, and got the French version and we both live in the same country. Thanks Blizzard! I searched the forums, and they just say to change the region and language in your xbox settings. It doesn’t work. Now I have to return the game and wait for them to refund me my 20 bucks. Garbage.

This isnt just an issue on the xbox 360. It is like this on all console platforms. They obviously have different versions of the game in different laguages. Instead of loading the physical disc with all languages included, it seems they only put the language for that reagion on the disc. As far as purchasing the digital version, you can get a different language if you changed your regional settings PRIOR to purchasing the digital content. No such luck if you try to change region after purchasing. You are liscensed for the version you paid for.

I don’t know why they never added an option to change language in the game. Even if you had to download the associated files, you still have to have the original game liscense. Adding in game language change support would have been easy to impliment.

I don’t know how it works on 360/ps3, but I can tell you that this is definitely not the case on ps4. You still can’t change the language in game, but if you change the language of the console, the game is changed as well.

If it wasn’t $40, I would buy the digital version, but that’s a rip off compared to the used physical copy. It shouldn’t be an issue, but Blizzard are a stupid company.

seems like a 360 issue. works fine with PS4/PS5.