Blizzard do you know what your job is?

To bring gaming fun to the gamer !!! Not to piss them off.
After a long time you bring the first good set for witch doctor and you decide to nerf it WHY??
Because WD was total Op he was on top of leaderbord solo and meter ???
WTF is wrong with you guys ??? I bought most of blizzard games but i am toataly pissed
with that nerf if you not undo that nerf i am done with blizzard i am never again buy
anything from blizzard again for the rest of my life.
Unbelivable that you guys recive money for the shiat you have done. If someone made
a bad job like u did, you get FIRED for that.
As you see i am very pissed because you did that nerf on WD

Their job is to make games and profit as a company. Whether the game is fun is a matter for the consumer to decide. If I told you that ball and cup was the best game ever, you might try it but it would not be my fault if its easy play was too much for you.

Bliz’s job is to make money.

Hence they focus on Nec and Sader to maximize profit.

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