Blizz learn time pls - 5pm CEST was 29 mins ago

Season 25 should be up this time, lol.

Blizz: “Season 25 will begin on December 10, at 5PM (PST/CEST/KST)”

I live in central Europe and its 17:34 (5:34PM) now.

It’s only 16:30 here. And maybe they’re trying to fix the messy Asian seson start. So we might experience some delay.

If only someone had mentioned a week ago that the time Blizzard announced for EU was wrong, due to them stating it as 17:00 CEST rather than 17:00 CET. Oh, wait, someone did…

It’s 16:30 CET which would be 17:30 CEST so, if their announcement was right, would have been 30 minutes ago. However, their start time in the announcement was wrong.


Hello there, im not so active on forum so i missed your post, anyway thanks for info :slight_smile:

Anyway another reason to finally get rid off summer / winter time.


Thanks. This info sliped beside me. :heart:

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So? How’s it going so far? I’m still busy, I can’t play yet.

When season 25? I thought it should have started 1 hour 16 min ago.

Still nothing? What’s going on?

It’s been live in EU since 17:00 CET.

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Finally :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: so how is it?

Are you telling me that season 25 start time is different for all regions? Or are you still playing on PTR?

No Blizzard is telling us that: 5PM (PST/CEST/KST) is not ocurring simultaneously.

So lemme ask to be clear, are you in europe playing Season 25?

Season 25 has been live on EU for two hours now, yes.

Why don’t USA get to play season 25 yet for hours? Its unfair

It’s for the same reason they’ll get to play Season 25 for hours after Asia and EU has ended.

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Sumthin’ to do with time zones and servers.

But seriously, it’s because if they didn’t do it that way, the start time would be in the middle of the night in some places giving folks unfair advantages.

This is the fairest they could come up with and again, everyone doesn’t share the same servers except in the PTR. So, of course people have to be on the job to flip the switch.

The time 5:00pm is for the time zone you are in. Asia it is already past that time and season 25 is already under way. You have to be patient and wait a little longer for it to begin here in Americas region. If EU is your region you still have to wait till it hits that time in your region.

It’s not me that has an issue understanding what time the season is supposed to start.
It’s Blizzard that announced the EU start as being 17:00 CEST, instead of 17:00 CET.
The season started at 17:00 CET. They announced it wrong.

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