Blizz hurting for D4 sales!

I think this confirms that Blizz is not do great in D4 sales. Rykker admits that usually doesn’t do these types of video. Did Bluzz pay him a pretty penny for this, idk?

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They mostly just seem to be pulling their largest advertisement campaign ever. Which is not an indication of low sales.


Why? Low slaes?

But it could very well be.

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No. Just a desire to have a ton of sales.

Ugh, that video. Rhykker confirming that the respec cost is too low.


Possibly, but an argument can be made for both views. I believe Blizz is hurting.

You probably mean that you wish Blizzard is hurting.
Your forum spamming with D4 topics is likely increasing interest in the game and thus increasing sales.


I belive:

  • Rhykker has been a major Diablo streamer for something like 8 years or more. He really really likes Diablo.
  • Rhykker has a career based on streaming Diablo and games - he wants people to view his stream because HE makes income off that.
  • Blizzard’s marketing campaign was planned long in advance of any sales metrics.
  • They are NOT telling anyone what the pre-sale metrics are yet
  • If Rhykker was paid he is legally required to say he is sponsored.

So, you can think what you want, but it is illogical to come to that conclusion just because a major Diablo streamer is streaming Diablo vids before a major Diablo game release.


Here’s another video for OP’s enjoyment:

“Does this confirm X is in trouble?” -People providing the weakest possible evidence they can find


Truly insightful.

I’ll alter my position and say that it seems that Rykker may be having a strong premonition of what might come. Poor sales?

Too bad Tears of the Kingdom will will GotY.

Nailed it, for you :point_right: :ice_cream:

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Big companies like Acti-Blizzard do not spend money on horses that don’t win. If they are opening their bags to invest into advertisement campaign then they already expect to hit it big. No opinion you can spew would change this.


:rofl: I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you were here. I think that at this point minds are made up. Blizz has shot its self in the foot. The bad press that Blizz has brought on its self over the last 5 years was nonexistent when D3 launched, they had the luv and adoration of the community, but now, that’s not the case.


You’re imagining things. The moment D3 went for first release it got criticized hard by public as evident from Metacritic and many other outlets. Your personal opinions don’t have any weight on masses.


D2 fanboys hate on D3, D3 fanboys hate on D4 funny how that works. :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:


Considering all three games have major differences other than the title, I’d assume some of that is expected.

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What a weird, peculiar “attack” you make by calling people fanboys, and assuming they are fanboys.

I can’t wait for D4s launch. Then folks will move on to D4 forum where they can circle jerk each other.


I don’t think I’m necessarily hating on D4. I very much would like to move onto D4, but I don’t trust Blizz at this point to just throw my money at them. When they prove that they are listening to the community or the price drops significantly (so as to not experience "buyers remorse " when and if pull the same shenanigans they did with D3, time is on my side).

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