Blizz, can we get a ban wave prior to S28?

It’s pretty easy to spot the people on the leaderboards who are botting. Top of the leaderboards have people who would have to of played at least 19 hours per day, every single day, since the season started. Maybe start there? With IP bans?


They did a ban wave on January 25 @5:19pm PST. You can look at career webpage for last update date/time.

There is a glitch that leaves some banned accounts on the leaderboard. In addition, some of tbe banned players switcged to alts and resumed botting.

They should just have someone actively scanning leaderboards lmao… like the dudes who have 160 hours played in the first week of the season :smiley: Hammer them into oblivion.

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Ban them in the end of seasson is useless :smiley:

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I’d rather the get banned like 1 week in on a Tuesday, so they waste the entire first week of the season and their challenge rift cache lol