Blizz 30th for Switch - do all profile receive goodies?

Hello everybody, hoping somebody can provide more clarification than Blizzard’s lack thereof!

I have a technical question about how the console bundle applies the Diablo goodies!

My wife and I play Diablo on the same Switch together.

We are trying to find out, does it technically matter which “profile” buys the 30th game bundle, since it will be accessible by both profiles on the same switch?

More importantly, will both “profiles” have access to the diablo transmog goodies since both profiles are accessing the same game on the same switch, or is this going to be a quite literal 'the profile that buys the game is the profile that gets the goodies, and the other profile won’t have access to them even though it’s the same system and same game? ’

The answers make a huge difference to us to if we buy it and who buys it!


Edit, as I can’t reply to myself apparently…

I went ahead and bit the bullet on this one, so I’m leaving the information in case anybody else is looking for this information later!

The “goodies” from these types of bundles on consoles - or at least the Nintendo Switch - do indeed apply to all profiles accessing the game on the same Nintendo Switch system.

Since my wife and I play on the same system, and when we loaded Diablo under my profile (purchase was under hers), I did indeed receive the transmog goodies.

Happy Hunting!

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