Bindings of the Lesser Gods kills other ally rune

Hi Blizzard,

I remember that you say you want to have “some variety” in builds.
Would you mind to give some more insight why would you favor fire ally much more than other rune, which kills variety by introducing the new BotLG bracer?

Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 300% to 400% increased damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds. Split Fire Allies gain 5 times this bonus.

I hope you can increase water ally skill damage to the same level as earth and fire :slight_smile:


Please close the gap between water ally and fire ally. Many monk players really want to push with water ally for following reasons:

  1. Area damage works with it,
  2. They are more talented and they are not blocked by monsters while being activated as waves
  3. They are sexy

So would you please tweak just a little bit on this bracer to close the gap of fire and other rune?

I.e mystic ally deal 500% more damage to enemy hit by cyclone strike, spit fire ally gain 2 times this effect.

So the fire is still strongest with the same x11 multiplier, but other rune still have a x6 bonus not very far away from the fire.


Maybe also a nice thing would be, allys always getting all intended buffs like ad, pet gem, ias, …


water still best


Not really for pushing now. The gap between fire and others are too large.


Throw in the Air-Allies too


Earth allies! They need love too! Quicker roll speed please!

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They should be moveing as fast as other allies.

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All the mystic allies should teleport with the monk when dashing :eyes:

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Sometimes they do that. Atleast water allies do. I dash than CS and they’re suddenly there. Not always, but some times they do. In their active form.

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If they want a build where every player does not have exactly the identical build then it needs to be

Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 1500% to 2000% increased damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds.
(Every Mystic Ally gets the 5x’s bonus).


They should take out the fire bonus and give the base generic skill higher so all the runes are usable.

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Yessss please! The 1500-2000% multiplier might be too big imo tho.


better 1900-2000% :wink: and rs clone also :slight_smile:


You know what? F@#$ it! Pump up the numbers so we can solo speed GR 150 :rofl:

Exactly the Gr150 fun should not be limited to FB wizz only.

And 800%-1000% would be a healthy number.

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Again this fire innas build is trash like it doesnt work and this is coming from someone who pushed it enough to know… THE MOMENT you stop 1 shotting half the allies stand around when you activate cuz they cant reach their target and never do damage

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I mean, It is trash in playstyle, but it does a bit better than TR builds. I just wish they can make water ally same on paper damage level as fire, so we can enjoy the army of waves

it doesnt outperform TR if anything its equal either way its (especially earlier-mid season) gonna be unbearable to play

season is not the balancing thing. and under n.s. its slightly better in dmg but sometimes its ocerwhelmingly good and sometimes its doing no dmg at all. the build is and stays crap


Water is way stronger than Fire so The bindings work fine.