Beware of your change requests


Although I am on the “lets update D2 to present day standards”-side, I would like to point out couple of problems regarding common change “requests” (or shall I say “demands”? ):

Personal loot

So, you feel it is unfair that someone else picks up the Jah before you can even read its text, so you want ploot to be implemented.

Potential problems:

  1. If Blizzard implements the same amount of drop for all players in the game, the “trade market” of items will break.
  2. If the drop amount remains the same, but there is going to be a timer until players can pick up their stuff, and after the timer the loot becomes FFA, this will slow down the game pace terribly because players will just stand and wait for the timer to end.
  3. If loot is sorted out randomly, players who contributed to the kill will get angry if you - who stood in the back leeching exp - did nothing, but got the Jah.
  4. If only certain items will be raffled among players, who is going to control what items should be raffled? You might say “only uniques and high runes”, I say “all items”, someone else says “only X and Y”. What is important to you, might not be important for me and vica versa.
  5. If a crazy idea pops up how to solve this, it might require UI change, that might require new items to be added and to support old graphics it can be problematic.

Potential solutions:

  1. Play only with your friends, so FFA is not a problem.
  2. If you dont have friends, get some. :slight_smile: Socialize and keep in mind that at the end of the day this is just a game.
New content
  1. New Acts/Quests/monsters: come on! The story of D2 had already been finished. We already had D3 and D4 is in development. Also, these require new graphics/audio/video and supporting old content can be (nearly) impossible.
  2. New RWs: this might also require new content, but would also break the market as it has a huge effect on metas.
Stackable gems/runes
  1. If you can stack things, devs should develop the feature to split these as well.
  2. Stacks mean you can store more items, therefore the market price for items can rise.
  3. What happens if you have 2 Jah in a stack and you forget to split them before adding the stack to the item sockets? Shall the game add all making a potential Enigma messed up? Shall the game add them 1-by-1? And if your input is messed up or you accidentally click twice?
  4. Different tabs for gems and runes: it means slightly new content and new logic that needs to be implemented.
Skill changes
  1. Redesigning synergies: it has couple of problems. It makes it more difficult for everyone to get used to. Also, this requires lot of development and testing time. Not to mention that it messes up the “meta” (that I am not against, I am just listing the things I can think of).
  2. Modifying the synergies/skill properties: I personally think it can be a good thing, but every small change must be carefully analyzed. Just because a specific build does not work for you, it does not mean that build is bad and needs changing. Maybe it is just you who does not know how to properly use that build. I remember my very first frozen orb sorc who had a two handed maul in her hands… :slight_smile:

So, generally speaking before you ask for a new change, try to think of the followings:

  • Time and effort it takes to develop it.
  • Old/new graphics support.
  • Effect on market and meta.
  • General usability from beginner/advanced gamer point of view.

Please also be constructive instead of toxic! :slight_smile: Have a wonderful day, hero!


New content would be nice, but not a requirement. If anything, they should focus on finishing Act 4, add a few new maps and monsters there.

End-game maps would be a priority tho, unless you enjoy baal runs 9000 times.

Stackable gems / runes = yes, no brainer.

Skill changes, buffing underpowered skills would open up gameplay for others and would increase replayability, unless you enjoy Hdins and Sorcs just out-classing everyone.

Item balance would be a welcome change, everyone uses Enigma, Spirit, Hoto, CTA, Grief. It’s pretty disheartening to find a eth Rare zerker with fool’s mod and high ED, just to have it automatically beaten out by a Lo rune and 5 os phase blade.

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They can always add new quests to existing areas or create new areas with current old graphic and add some more quests and farming areas there. I don’t see myself farming the same locations over and over again.

This and finish a4 (but meh?) is all I agree with here.

If we didn’t have a5, I would agree to a4 but honestly, outside chaos runs, there’s no real reason to stay in 4 and if you did, it’s while leveling before rushing to baal in SP.

To the next point, I’m heavily against mapping personally. I hated it in poe and d3. There’s no reason to ever leave town and you get to ignore the game for procedurally generated levels that all end up being the same thing…kill monsters in a random looking map.

At least in end-game d2, I have many areas to farm already built into the base game for end-game gear. D3 had it where you do bounties to experience the base maps again but then you end up rifting more than anything. Poe has maps and map crafting.

I don’t see a reason for it personally. I can run cows, at, pits, wsk, shenk eld, nith, chaos, countess, Andy, meph, etc. I know where to go for gear and how to farm it.

Unless you add maps like “only drops runes/higher rune drops” “random unique monster spawn +200%” or something, which I think would be awful for the game, I wouldn’t see the “why”.

Skill changes. I’m for it and against it.
There’s so many builds that are strong at different points of the game. Having every build be end game viable makes things seem very “same-y”. Sure, run with skels or psn nova or bone or dagger and do everything equally efficiently but ew, why?

There’s no diversity in that. It’s a moot point if everyone can do everything.

Items is where, imo, the uniqueness was lost. Runewords killed so many other items for build diversity. Giving every build the availability to teleport with extreme stats (not sacking an ammy slot for tp ammy or a weapon swap), or barb bo, etc.

Why need a singer barb when I got cta? Wtf are mana pots, lel insight+spirit.

Uniqueness used to come in the form of amazing rares and everyone having a different one. The amount of +skills on items and charms + synergies is what killed diversity by even further pushing the divide between decent skills and BiS builds.

I’d rather avoid changes or additions entirely, as significant changes could alter the very reason we are all here in the first place: The Original Diablo 2 Experience.

Quality of life improvements are different, and can be somewhat of a gray area.

I think the skill balance, new end-game levels/acts/content, item drop rate, loot equality4all, item add/balance, runeword balance, mapping is all being considered Quality of (My) Life options.

Bug fixes, stackable items, stash size are what I would call QoL.

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yes please, give me those

I mean, those 9k

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If the skills are useless to begin with, why are they even in the game? With that being said, yes, I do agree with skill balancing, HOWEVER any balancing must be tempered with wisdom to avoid unleashing the power creep gravy train on the game. Properly balanced skills will open up more build varieties and avoid running into a brick wall due to the skill becoming ineffective in higher difficulties.

NOW, that doesn’t mean make the skills viable if someone is evenly distributing points in ALL skills. Those that set up their character to be a jack of all trades should be weak.


Skills should be different. It is completely ok (and even great since it makes the game less generic) to have skills that have to be maxed to be useful and others where nobody would set more than one point. Most of the curses of the necro are one point skills, but all make (lets say most, I am not so sure) sense to use. Blaze of the sorceress (the fire behind you) does not make sense to base the build on but works wonders with one point or points from a staff against normal Andariel → a great enough skill.

But thunderstorm is just too weak. It is sad that you cannot use this skill in a way that makes sense (at least I do not know any), but it is an interesting one from the principle. And I watched on youtube that it will also look great in resurrected. It would be nice if it could at least be used as a secondary skill to kill monsters that are immune to the other elements. Maybe hydra could need an improvement, too.

What I also would like is if you could hit several monsters (up to 3 or 5) with one hit of concentrate as a barbarian while holding a two hand weapon. I miss a way to play a barbarian two handed in a way that is fun.

But it should not be the goal to make each skill equally useful (then you would get D3).

I hope all of you are aware that in my OP the list items “Personal loot”, “New content”, “Stackable gems/runes” and “Skill changes” are options you can open! :smiley: Please click on them to open and read what I wrote there!

What a fantastic new topic that isn’t discussed every single day. We need at least one per hour.

No, this is not “another” topic. This is for those ppl who create new topics that you mentioned. :slight_smile: “Read first”, please!

Pot calling the kettle black. This is just spam at this point.

Depends on the skill and where it’s used, imo.

Some skills are strong through normal and nightmare but fall off, totally reasonable if you ask me. Not every build needs to be hell max efficiency.

Every class has mf/late game builds, some classes have more because of itemization…that’s where the issue is imo.

Runewords being too strong and making some builds shine so much that doing anything else isn’t worth it = removal of choice.

Runewords like enigma, hoto, cta, coh, insight as examples.

There’s really few skills that aren’t used at all, those, maybe touch up a hair but outside that, meh.

Chaos is more efficient by like 60% for exp than Baal is.

Only if inventory size is reduced so that the resource/power ratio is maintained. No brainer, after all.

Ah, I look forward to being able to ezpk everything in the game with 1 hit from my poison dagger. Wouldn’t break the meta at all for skill choices to absolutely not matter. Wouldn’t be powercreep, either /S