Best version of Tempest Rush?

Also, do you still lose flurry stacks when TR-ing near fat mobs?

That is what I was wondering, needs to be tested.

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I just cleared a 115 with Justice Flurry. No more losing stacks near fat mobs. Just have to make sure not to take the speed pylon. I’d like to test out using what Khord said and see if I can go higher, but I’m not sure if I’ll want to play too extreme the day of the season.

I just realized I shouldn’t have used Mantle of Channeling. I believe the buff will fall off for flurry explosions. The only thing it’s good for is Damage Reduction. Hmm yeah Frostburn in cube would be infinitely better damage! Or Lefebvre’s Soliloquy would be better DR.

This is my character lol

The profile says I’m a 1,000 paragon seasonal character. Really I was 2,721 paragon on non season.

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Question for anyone: if the flurry stacks are prone to falling off with too much Ms, the seasonal buff is a real problem since it’s goes to +50% ms at max stacks, does anyone know the actually BP? Does stonefist gauntlets actually act as a work around to not only give the def bonus but keep ms below this bug?


I did a 104 in 5mins at 1600 para, in non ancient gear and zero augments. I have the damage to go to 110+ easy just not the toughness to stand in anything, 800m. I would say a seasonal p800 with ancient weapons and no augments is easily around the same spot. This was a POJ setup.

I was using frosties over the shoulders and the freeze mechanic procs a lot off TR, super good for maintaining the bracer buff, even on RGs.

That may be true, but they slow down alot. I cubed cyclone shoulders and cleared 126 with p2650 - If i’m lucky I can clear 127-8 on a good day with current build.

Along with LPH makes my health pool effective.

if you have life per hit you could use mantra of healing and the rune that gets a bonus from lph

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What do you mean they slow down a lot? The penalty from stone gauntlets is negated when you’re in epiphany (which is almost always up), so you’re only enjoying the armour benefits of stone gauntlets, and not the penalties

Can anybody confirm mantle of channeling buffs flurry explosion??? The SWK build uses it. Doesn’t it stop budding damage when you stop channeling???

No MoC: 17-23
MoC: 21-28
Hexing: 14-28

MoC almost 25% increase over No MoC. Testing was just eyeballing numbers so I might have missed a high or low number.

Hexing was sometime giving the buff other times the debuff. Don’t think typical play would cause issues. I was just tapping mouse button to get 2 stack explosions everytime. Could be wrong.

Thanks for testing this!

Ah I see, I haven’t yet tried them :slight_smile:

Just want to throw it out there for anyone who’s interested. SWK TR is so much tankier (and slightly more damage). Tankier because you can use MoC in cube AND either cyclone strike shoulders or stone gauntlets. You only ‘lose’ the flavor of time slot (or Squirt’s for some). I’m barely 660 paragon, and did 101 in under 7 minutes with SWK TR without running the cheat death passive, and never died a single time. By comparison, my 99 clear with PoJ was close to 10 minutes, used cheat death passive, and died like 3 or 4 times. Gems are stricken trapped and taeguk. Toughness with SWK variant is around 1bil when cyclone strike + epiphany + 10 taeguk stacks. To compare, my half-ancients PoJs only got me up to 400+ mil, which is nowhere near enough to survive TR-ing through mobs at 100.

In both variants, I’m using cap crim 2pc.

My 100 clear on PoJ was like 7 mins no deaths and had around 3 billion toughness.

my 100 clear was at 3:30 with round 40 mio toughness… does it help? don’t think so

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Well right now the rank 1 season 19 Monk is using POJ! You use unity and coe with RORG in cube. I tried it and it works! I cleared a 123 with that set up. You just have to use serenity to overlap the gap when Epiphany comes off cool down.

Dude, check this out Primal Azurewrath:

POJ is less strong than SWK. The correct build and gear that should be you can see on Darkpatator who is R1 EU monk NS.