Best version of Tempest Rush?

I’ve been looking at a lot of TR builds since the change to Wom Kim Lau and I am wondering which version will be the best (LoD or SWK or PoJ)?

To compare them we can disregard the bonuses that are shared in the builds such as Captain Crimson’s (for SWK and PoJ), Balance, WKL, elemental on bracers and amulet, etc.

Sunwuko has the highest set bonus at 196x (with new VW).
PoJ has 151x bonus and affects all damage.
LoD has 98.5x damage to everything.

Now to the differences:
Sunwuko ONLY affects TR, SW and the free CS basically do no damage even though CS gets buffed by WKL.
PoJ buffs TR (Balance, Cesar’s, WKL and PoJ), CS (WKL and PoJ) and SW (VW and PoJ).
LoD buffs everything and has the most elemental % (up to 80% Cold) and can get a few extra modifiers like Hexing Pants and Mantle of Channeling.

So the question is which is the best? Doing some napkin math, SWK comes out on top with the bonus from Captain Crimson. PoJ is 2nd with the bonus from Captain Crimson. Lod is the toughest since it gets it’s native 52% DR (while the other 2 get a base 50% DR) along with the MoC and Hexing Pants DR.


But if you equip Stone Gauntlet and Ice Climber, LoD can get +250% Armor which in itself gives 69% DR for anyone with 25,000 Armor. The return obviously gets smaller at higher armor rating (and bigger at lower armor rating).

Ice Climber is a good counter for Jailers, which is the bane of WW, Strafe and TR builds (unless you are in alt).

To answer your question… well I was about to test it out with SWK… I hope monk dont get nerfed like Saders did.

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Barb WW :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

i think it will need some more testing.
swk can use moc and hexing but is hard in spirit.costs esp in group games.
poj might seem weaker but squirts has option to turn things on your side. a doubled dmg effect is a good thing especially when you try to play optimal which means collecting enemys till cold coe and then release.the dmg.
when you strive through ladder bords you see swk on top but you also see mid paras doing pretty high with poj. and most of them do not have optimal gear.

all in all i’d say the free amu will be the game changer for poj to be on top. but it will be rift depending. i claim swk is easier.
poj also can wear moc and leve for def and i even saw leve and stone.
i don’t think lod get that high, there is missing the cc buff, cold is only at 80% additive, on the first look its weaker (i mean tr even surpasses wol)


after a few gr runs, I find Tempest Rush is NOT for SWK. It could not keep up with the spirit cost.

DPS multiplier may be higher, but if I had to stop once in a while, say 25% of the fight time, then that is 25% less DPS.

~55% cdr, ~48% rcr, hexing solo no problem with templer. take other skills and no problems occur. my 54% cdr are enough by far for 100% epi uptime

@Khord POJ wouldn’t be using VW right, maybe a Sunkeeper, azurewrath, EF (more AS = faster stack build up right, maybe spirit problem but i doubt it), or balance with WKL cubed (i don’t know if there’s an advantage to using 2 hander here since spirit regen is good with POJ). If Sunkeeper than its 151*1.3 which comes out exactly 1.96 on elites = SWK. Pretty good trade off for some move speed, all cylcone runes (+8 spirit mainly, maybe drop air ally for inner sanc?)

I only have about 800 paragon on standard since I never played D3 very seriously, but have been having a lot of fun with the POJ set this week. (despite me not realizing flurry was bugged, heh)

As a noob with low dex (no caldessan, no huge dex from paragon) and thus low armor, I have been using pledge/compass rose for DR cause I’m bad at dodging stuff. (unity as other ring)

Again as a noob, why would you not use VW with POJ? Doesn’t each stack increase sweeping wind by 105% weapon dmg (1365% w/13 stacks) which is multiplied by the 15,000% 6p bonus? edit - I guess perhaps the flurry explosion with bonus elite damage is more important for very high rifts.

For active skills I’ve been spamming Blinding Flash with Faith in the Light for the 29% dmg bonus, but when I look on the leaderboards for POJ builds it doesn’t seem popular. Perhaps it is calculated in a way that the 29% increase isn’t actually very good?

Thanks for any insight.

SW is still missing 63x multiplier (9 from Cesar and 7 from balance) meaning it’s gonna take way more than those 13 stacks for it to do any damage in comparison to TR.

Faith in the lights 29% is a part of dibs and is added to other passives and skills that add to dibs, so it might come out to like 10-15% only which is still pretty good. But I know FitL is in SWK TR Builds, not sure why you aren’t seeing it in POJ, they seem to play exactly the same / have exact same skills.


PoJ gives you every rune of SW so it is 145% per stack for 1,885% damage at 13 stacks. The main reason to not use VW seems to be a buggy interaction with the Flurry rune. It “seems” that too much movement speed can cause you to lose stacks of Flurry randomly and VW gives you 65% movement speed.



Well SW doesn’t need to do the same amount as TR for PoJ to be the choice for TR+SW though, that would actually make it very OP, but it’s clear it needs to be doing at least 15-20x more damage than it’s presently doing.

Yah perhaps instead of the 6pc giving 15000% all damage, it needs to give 25-30000% Tempest Rush and Sweeping Wind damage. Then you give Kyro belt or something a 10x SW damage mod.

It clearly still needs help to be used.

I think the solution is to buff the Kyo belt honestly. Do we really need Captain Crimson’s for PoJ? No, not really. We don’t need the resource reduction, damage reduction, extra damage is nice but that can always be solved by other gear buffs.

If it said and each stack of Sweeping Winds increases Sweeping Winds damage by 100-150% then it would definitely be worth it. Sunwuko wouldn’t want it because SWK doesn’t buff SW.

Then you can axe all damage on PoJ and give TR & SW 20k 6pc mod. That would be like a 20x buff to SW and same TR damage as Sunwuko (although probably not needed with a major SW buff).

A lot of items to wear yes, but it’s for a dual purpose set.

Dosent SW only tick 1 every second?
And tornados do not benefit from SW stacks at all.

While TR tick more often, have more multipliers, pluss u have the flurry stack explotion?

I thought that the reason was that SW simply do not do the requierd damage to be worth it.

Was wondering about the stacks dropping when testing… Took ms out of para, no more stacks dropping. Ty!

Bluddshed has a Holy build that looks promising. Here is that link. I just gotta try it out. Can take all the Movement Speed you want, plus it looks pretty tanky.


EPIPYHANY-INNER FIRE is now broken when using it with TR after last patch.

i can comfirm this after grumpy, reported it in bug forum

paragon 10k player cleared 138 in eu pretty easily, that was pre patch… we have a new era but the build is pretty basic,

swk + crimson
mantle of channeling + mr.yan (variations between cyclone shoulders and mr.yan pants though) templar is must use w/o the pants
zodiac + coe

The hexing pants set up is only for very high paragon players. When pushing, stone gauntlets provide a lot of DR that is much needed in the build, so you can survive while channeling to 100 stacks, in higher GRs.

So either use mantle, and cube stone gauntlets or the other way around.

I was doing some napkin math on SWK vs PoJ TR builds. Since PoJ has a free weapon, some have suggested Sunkeeper for the 30% elite damage. Has anyone tried Utar’s Roar and Frostburns (in the cube)? That could bump you up to 80% Cold damage and going from 40% Cold on gear to 80% Cold on gear is approximately 28% damage boost to everything, not just elites, and it can affect the free CS (cold rune) and potentially SW (has a cold rune). Bumping the PoJ set bonus by that extra 28% puts it only 1.5% behind SWK.

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If this is the case, will PoJ be the ‘better’ set since you won’t be resource starved (and can also switch out air ally for something else) ?