Best Time to switch from ring set to LoD gem?

When to change from a pair of ancient LoD rings to the gem?

I know that the gem needs to be at 99 to be the same bonus but the ancient convention and justice lantern are pretty nice, but I don’t know the math of when to make the change. M

y gem is at 85 is that a good enough level to not see a drop in offense? Thanks!

The real difference is this…

  1. LoN rings give you a choice of two legendary gems
  2. LoD gem gives you a choice of one legendary gem and two ring powers

Generally, gaining the offensive power of two rings is worth the loss of a single gem’s power. I would imagine gaining a CoE would far outweigh the difference between a rank 84 and rank 99 LoD gem, but what legendary gem would you be losing?

Bain of the Trapped would go. I also use Bane of the Stricken and Pain Enhancer. I’ll give it a try since my Convention and Justice Lantern are pretty good rolls.