Best mouse for MacBook Pro?

Hi all, I play Diablo on my PC all the time. I have been traveling a lot lately with my work and downloaded the game on my MacBook. Can anyone recommend a good mouse that is Mac compatible for Diablo?

The few times I played, I used the Magic Mouse. You don’t need to move it at all, the surface being a touch device, so it accepts gestures. You can move it if you prefer.

Also, virtually any mouse can work. I also tried a programmable 9-button connected via USB. You may have to hunt for drivers though.

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Any modern Logitech mouse should work. I’d avoid Razer’s software though. Synapse 2.0 is not compatible with modern macOS past 10.13.6, and there is no Synapse 3.0 coming to macOS, ever. If you use a non-Logitech mouse, you’ll need to use a third party app like USB Overdrive or SteerMouse to properly configure and drive the mouse, otherwise you get unbearably slow cursor movement even at the fastest setting in the mouse prefpane.

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I use a logitech G502 when I play Diablo on my MBP. Works great. I’d imagine that whatever the current iteration of that line is, it’d probably do you well.

I just use Logitech G Hub (2021.7.91) using a G502 wired mouse. It was the mouse misscheetah suggested awhile back. Works nicely on a Corsair MM200 gaming mouse pad.

I wish Corsair still made the MM600 pad. I want it for its smooth gliding side.

I use JETech wired (red) mouse