Best gems for WW Barb still Taeguk, Trapped, and Stricken?

Returning player that saw Mortick’s was back and had to make a WW Barb, but I’ve completely forgotten what the meta gems are. I know Stricken is a staple but I was thinking about swapping Trapped for Esoteric or maybe even Invigorating?

Also while on the topic of WW Barb is there anything better than Echoing Fury, Mantle Of Channeling, and Skull Grasp in the cube (while wearing ORotZ)? Thanks.

The guide covers the gem choices.

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Are you having trouble surviving? What is prompting you to move from a dps gem to a toughness gem? I think trapped is typically only used in speeds where you can give up stricken since you should be killing everything fast enough on speeds to not need stricken stacks. Otherwise you should be using PE to get attack speed from bleeds for more zodiac ticks, although echoing fury may help to supplement attack speed and let you drop PE.

I think some of the items like echoing are too new for it to be thoroughly tested at this point for true best in slot to be known, but the guide Blackarrows linked in quite thorough.

Typically defensive gems are rarely used by WW though from what I’ve seen.

Echoing Fury I don’t think is optimal for pushing high GRs yet, because you lose the stacks on the Rift Guardian, making your cube weapon slot empty basically.

The optimal Gems are still Taeguk, Pain Enhancer, and Stricken.

I wouldn’t attempt to push with WW, but you can speed farm T16 with this setup:

The only time you should die is if you stand on molten explosion or an arcane beam.

Stricken for T16?
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There’s no issue with it. 90% of the time, a DH or Wizard or Crusader is gonna delete the RG before you get to it, even with Sprint. But at the same time, if you’re somehow the strongest one in the group, you’ll be able to carry.

I heard Stricken can’t proc more often than 1 time per second. T16 assumes 10-15 sec max battle with RG even for WW.