Besoin d'aide suggestion pour améliorer mon dh

je mets pas mal d’efforts à essayer mais je suis toujours très poche.
je ne survis pas vraiment avec d’autres joueurs 2000 3000para.
ils doivent bien avoir un truc pour avoir atteint ces niveaux.
joueur avec eux est enrageant car les gr sont trop hautes.

if non french people read this I was asking for tips to modification to improve as I cannot do a lot more than 80-90 gr level solo and i really struggle with 2000parapeople, i though i would have seen my para raising sky high but no most time i die.

que feriez vous avezce perso à ma place que changeriez vous?

Apologies this is in English:

  • Shoulders: RCR% to cooldown%
  • New gloves. Crit, crit, cooldown initially.
  • Focus (left ring): leave for now and farm a better one.
  • Restraint (right ring): life per second to critical hit chance 6%.
  • Chest: hatred regen to vitality.
  • Dawn: get a better Dawn. That 54% cooldown isn’t going to allow you to have permanent Vengeance.
  • Valla’s Bequest: roll Strafe% to anything else, maybe cooldown.
  • You’re really low on all resistances and secondary resistances.
  • New Flavor of Time. Ideally… you want cooldown, cold%, crit, crit.
  • For survivability, maybe drop Archery for Awareness in your passives.
  • Cube an Elusive Ring instead of Convention of Elements and potentially drop Fan of Knives for Smoke Screen - Vanishing Powder as that’ll trigger the Elusive damage reduction.
  • If survivability is still an issue, switch Companion rune from Wolf to Boar.
  • Gems: drop Bane of the Stricken for Taeguk. The Armor will help survival. You don’t need Stricken until GR120+. When it comes to pushing high level, most people are dropping Trapped for Stricken.

I put Hungering Arrow on my 1 key and Companion on my left click and then use the 1 key to interrupt strafing more rhythmically but YMMV.

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You don’t even need to scroll to see both of the threads…come on

Zurtle gave you many good advices.

Maybe you are new to DH, I just add some extra background information.

Vengeance is an important skill to DH. It provides 40% damage, 50% damage reduction (Dark Heart rune) or Hared generation (Seethe rune). We want it 100% uptime (or close to 100%).

Your current build has only 65% uptime, or 10 seconds downtime. That means great lost of damage and damage reduction.

To get permanent vengeance, you need a good rolled Dawn. If don’t have one, I’d rather cube Dawn than use a bad one. Believe me, you don’t need the top configuration to reach GR100. My seasonal DH in Asia realm cubes Dawn and beats GR100 comfortably.

If you lack toughness, in addition to what Zurtle said, replace Emeralds with Diamonds on chest armor and pants. You may also want to find a better Clarity with 50% damage reduction. The 5% difference (from 45%) translates into 10% more toughness.


No-one seems to have mentioned yet that the OP doesn’t have sockets in the weapons, so no top-end Emeralds in them. That alone means they’re missing out on 260% Critical Hit Damage.


Ok so a lot to modify. A question for augment. I’m not very understanding it.
I will write in french because my english is not very good so maybe use translate to understsnd
Est-ce que le but des augments est de mettre n’importe quelle gemmes pourvu que elle soit haute. Ou si faut exemple des gemmes spécifique pour des classes spécifiques. Ex si g un minarae 80 est ce bon ou si faut plutot prendre une gemmes ayant un rapport avec le build.

Google translate gives us…

Is the purpose of the augments to put any gems as long as it is high. Or if you need specific gems for specific classes. Ex if g a minarae 80 is this good or if it is necessary to take a gem related to the build.

The rank of the legendary gem determines how much of the main stat is added to your item, i.e. gem rank * 5. So, if you have a rank 100 gem, you’d add 500 main stat. It doesn’t matter which legendary gem is used, just its rank.

The colour of the non-legendary gem determines which stat gets added. Ruby = Strength. Emerald = Dexterity. Topaz = Intelligence. Amethyst = Vitality. (You can’t use diamonds).

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Use gems, such as Mirinae, to augment and keep the gems that are used in builds (Trapped, Stricken, etc.).
As Meteorblade said, the legendary gem used is not important other than it’s level. Some gems are useless at higher levels except as augments.

Can you please explain what EoJ means?

That was just a quote from the two threads i linked you that both answer the exact questions you are asking. you could have taken the time to read them…

Anyhow, eoj means ess of johan

Ease up, bro. English isn’t their first language and you threw a lot of English at them. We should be nice to new players given how much the player base has shrunk over the years.


Change ton loup a un sanglier.
Change Ambush a Awareness.
Change tes emeraudes a des diamants dans tes pantalons et ton armure.
Change shadow power a smoke screen.
Change ton strafe damage sur ton Vallas a Area Damage (ou vitality si tu meurs trop souvent).
Place des emeraudes dans tes deux arbaletes (avec Ramaladni’s gift quand tu en trouves).
Change dexterity a crit chance sur ton amulette.
Change ton hatred regen sur ton armure a vitality.
Trouve toi un meilleure dawn. Le plus proche de 65% possible. La t’es qu’a 54%.
Change convention of elements a elusive ring si tu meurs trop souvent.
Si tu as du mal a garder assez de hatred, change archery a Blood Vengeance.
Change regenerate life per second a crit chance sur ta bague restraint (si tu peux).
Change dexterity a crit chance sur ta bague focus (si tu peux).

Mais le plus important a l’instant c’est le fait que tu meurs trop souvent on dirait donc change le loup a un sanglier, change ambush as awareness et ajoute de la vitality sur ton armure et trouve toi un meilleur dawn, meme si il est moins fort, du moment que le % est plus proche de 65% car vengeance dark heart te donne 50% de reduction de dommage et change tes emeraudes a des diamants dans tes pantalons et armure.


Google Translate lets us get the OP’s questions from French to English.
Google Translate lets the OP get our answers from English to French.


Sure, but last time I looked,not all translations of item names correlate 1:1 with their English translations.

Eg Focus is called Catalyseur in the French which is “catalyst”.
Likewise, Dawn is “Rosée” which translates to “dew”.

Beware the use of Google translate.

My point was that we should be nicer to new players. Don’t justify being a poopstick to newbies.


N’importe quelle gemme legendaire peut etre utilise. Le type d’augmentation (intelligence, force, dexterite) viens non du gemme legendaire mais du type de gemme emeraude, topaz, ruby, etc.

Pour nous, on veut plus de dexterite donc il nous faut combiner un gemme legendaire avec 3 emeraudes du plus haut niveau.

Tu recois 5 dexterite pour chaque niveau du gemme legendaire donc un gemme legendaire de niveau 100 te donnerais 500 dexterite.

Seulement les pieces “anciennes” ou “primales” peuvent etre augmentes. Les pieces legendaires normales ne peuvent pas etre augmente.

Quand tu execute la recette dans le cube, tu met la piece que tu veux augmenter, les 3 emeraudes de plus haut niveau et le gemme legendaire. Les 3 emeraudes et le gemme legendaire seront consommes donc tu te retrouve avec que la piece elle meme mais avec plus de dexterite. La recette c’est la derniere dans la liste des recettes pour le cube.

Donc n’utilise pas un gemme legendaire que tu utilises deja. Il faut augmenter le niveau de gemmes legendaires que tu ne vas jamais utiliser puisque le gemme est consomme par la recette.

Aussi, certain gemmes ont des niveau maximum donc fait gaffe de ne pas utiliser un de cela. Tu peux voir si le gemme legendaire a une limite de niveau dans le coin haut droit. Tu verras quelque chose du genre 0/50 ou 0/99 ou 0/100. Cela ont des niveaus max donc evite les.