Bell Monk is Ridiculous

The current rank 1 Monk clear, GR 150 in 2:17, would be 6th place on the 4-player leaderboard.

Of all the crucible abilities, I think Bells is the only one that competes with (or possibly even exceeds) Season 24’s Ethereals and Season 25’s Soul Shards, in terms of sheer power.


Not a skill I find enjoyable though the last time I tried it, yes, it was powerful even then so I can only imagine it has gotten worse now, especially with virtually no cooldown.

GR 150 in 2 minutes. What happened to this game… Candy Crush is a greater challenge.


Where’s you name on the leaderboards, I must have missed it.


Well, when the whole monetization scheme hinges on people buying assists making it easy would defeat the point.

That is really impressive, atm I can’t inspect the leaderboard care to tell a few details?

Like paragon, the spread among the top ten. A super plus would be if you could give a rough estimate on the last 100 on the leaderboard. I mean the monk leaderboard, not some overall lb.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand… They nerfed Bogadile, AotD, Angels, but not this. I mean it wasn’t one shoting anything, but still it could have been toned down a notch.


This is what happens when there’s no proper nerfs. The power creep gets out of hand. The Bell monk was ridiculously powerful already and the season theme just supercharges even more. I’d expect this to get a massive hit from the nerf bat in the next patch.

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I don’t think bell monk would get hit with a nerf bat because a season theme is overpowered. Odd thing is, not bell monk’s sheer power but how other seasonal powers fade in comparison to Sanctified bell power.
I expect a buff to Uliana and Thousand Storm monks next season. This sound more likely to me than a nerf to Wave of Light spec.


Why? Without the power WoL isn’t OP. And the Crucibles don’t stay either so… Nope, you’re wrong.


Without the sanctified power the Bell monk was still more powerful than the pre-nerf Inna monk. So yes, I expect it to get the nerf bat.


Well if it were more powerfull than all other builds you’d be correct. But it’s just a decent skill/build, nothing extraordinary.

Pre-nerf Inna Monk was freezing the entire screen with a button press, also doling out high damage bursts from entities that envelope them for a long time and not even punished by long cooldowns unlike Necromancers… I loved that build, but it was inevitable that it was nerfed. Compared to that, WoL monk manually casts each and every one of their shots and suffers from long cooldowns and shortage of resources.
Seasonal leaderboards should be out of the basis lists you build your argument or feelings towards a class or build. If you want to have a proper opinion, do what everyone else does and play the build yourself.

You may expect something to happen but more you repeat, it starts to sound like a demand and what-aboutism. So Inna got nerf, “but what about WoL LoD Monk that clears GR150? They’re powerful too!”. This is the wrong course of thinking. Especially when you push a seasonal theme to be the center of reasoning.
So far, I can tell nerfing WoL simply cuts the entire Monk class out of the big league, and there’s no guarantee that developers would follow this with a buff to other Monk builds.

The build’s general power is irrelevant, the upkeep and risks you take on gameplay makes the entire thing worthy of its place. If stakes are high and effort is there, it justifies a build’s power. This is how the balance works out of the wacky seasonal themes.
For instance, Legacy of Dreams may give you highly abundant passive benefits but skill interaction (array of casts, buffs, debuffs, position) required to sustain the build (cooldowns, resources, life and so on) in combat minimally, may haul the worth of power forward. Anything you put above that passive benefit is still active gameplay and intricate requirement of that justified the build’s power.

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It was only a little bit weaker than the reworked Raekor, so yes, it’s OP and should be nerfed.

Okay, nerf it what ever.

So what youre really saying is everyone should play lod monk while its all you can eat paragons.

Does that build still require a crazy amount of cooldown? That is why I have avoided it myself. Maybe I will try it out though.

Its the same as before but with more cowbells.


But it’s really not the Bell Monk.

It’s the LoD Bell Monk and that say’s it all.

people were asking to nerf Inna’s because it was “too powerfull”, now people is chanting to nerf “Bell Monk” because… “oh nooo, it is too powerfull”. In reality, people whom don’t play Monk, just want Monk gone altogether!