Being a lore master, more proof Malthael was right

So the entire D4 story revolves around Malthael being right again. Inarius finally listened and understood what Malthael was doing was right, and now in D4 he wants to do the same thing. Bet he really regrets begging the nephalim for help stopping Malthael now. Both turned their back on heaven in order to defeat evil. Tyreal and diablo must be stopped, there is too much collateral damage.

so it’s super annoying when the writers make the player the dunce falling for every lore trap in this story. it’s ridiculously obvious to some of us smarter players, so you can probably imagine what it’s like watching your own character making the worst choices and mistakes when you as a real person see right through the bad writing.

something needs to be done, either make better lore or give the players more choices, nobody wants to be forced to make bad choices in game.

Being a lore master,

That is the funniest thing I have seen in days, you know absolutely nothing about the D4 lore.

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We’re all simps… Bravata is historian master, matemathician master, entrepaneur, philosopher and loremaster!

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Did you try putting points into wisdom? It might unlock additional dialog options that let you call bluffs and things like that.

Imo, the only thing Malthael was right about, for D3 RoS, was that the Eternal Conflict could end since the great evils were trapped within the Black Soulstone.

However, his methods and plans were incredibly flawed since he focused so much on Humanity.

His first plan involved corrupting the High Heavens enough (with the black soulstone) so that they’d go ahead and vote to eradicate Humanity. This plan failed due to Tyrael’s and the new Horadrim’s action of takinging the black soulstone from the High Heavens, thus preventing further corruption from taking place as well as stopping more corrupted angels from being born.

His second plan involved using the black soulstone to eradicate humanity. However due to the Nephalem’s strength, Malthael decided to destroy the black soulstone and absorbed the great evils essence within himself. Not only did this plan failed, since Malthael was still defeated and as a result the great evils were freed, but even in the event that Malthael succeeded in destroying the Nephalem, he’d still doomed himself to corruption in which he’d eventually be overtaken by the great evils essence, and in due time the great evils would either be freed, and/or Malthael would simply become a puppet for them to use against the High Heavens.

Either way, neither of his plan would’ve allowed for High Heaven to claim victory against the Burning Hells.

That said, regarding Diablo 4’s story, after playing the open beta, I’m honestly looking forward to it.

It was interesting to see how many people were wrong with some of the speculations. I am happy that D4 is shaping up to be a story driven game. Not happy with many of the class skills.

I know my primary theory of us being the ones to free Inarius was wrong, however my secondary theory may prove to be right.


i mean inarius is a plebeian compared to the Angel of Wisdom. a literal pawn in comparison. Malthael is literally the second most powerful soul in the entire lore after Anu. Malthael is Anu’s Wisdom incarnate, so who are we to question his methods? This whole game being written about a small follower of Malthael (aka inarius) is kinda meh. We just had this story in RoS.

If anything they should just continue Malthael’s story.

I mean that doesn’t mean much either, since Anu’s “wisdom”, choosing to separate his flaws from himself, was what caused Tathamet to come into existence in the first place, which led to their great battle battle, the creation of heaven and hell, as well as the Eternal Conflict. So Anu wasn’t very smart either imo, in fact I’d even agree with what Zoltun Kulle had stated.



talk about stepping out of lore bounds.

you better knock on wood or throw some salt over your elbow. you dont curse a god like that and not get karma cursed.

Meh, it’s not my concern honestly.

It is apparent to me that the known universe “prefers” novelty over things like peace & tranquility, and wherever they are at odds the former will be “chosen” every time. After all what’s a little horror show if it staves off boredom. This is not necessarily an indictment on creation’s existence, firstly because I couldn’t do better, secondly because I have found a certain charm in this dualistic holy nightmare funscape. Thirdly it makes for a good learning tool I guess.

I suppose that my maker may understand my reservations. It may be foolish or even insulting to presume otherwise. However the possibility has occurred to me that this arrangement wasn’t “their” idea but ours, and a live demonstration is currently in place to either credit or discredit it.

I have shed my fear of some otherworldly perdition long ago. I realize now that grizzly bears are plenty scary. I observe feral creatures getting devoured alive and it’s just another day, business as usual. Another day I say, I’ll do what you want, just don’t let that be my fate. For all we know “the afterlife” is no reprieve but actually 10x as intense as this world, so for all I care there is no escape but forward.