Been a few years came back to play and all my games are gone

I have not been on since a few weeks after the release of DII and came back just recently and all the games I had on Battlenet are gone? I had the original Diablo and Hellfire(not a blizzard product) not sure if I had these on my account, it was the first pc game I ever bought (still have discs and codes) but Diablo II and exp LoD I played for a long time is gone and I cannot find where to get them back I have the 3 discs for DII with one code and LoD seems to be missplaced (not in Battlechest box) and DIII I played for a few weeks, and have the gave and code for both DIII and RoS. I would like to have all my games back in my account so I can play again. I now have a Laptop with no disc drive to install the discs but do have the codes for all but LoD, which if you can got back to before all my games where deleted you will see I played hundreds of hours on DII and LoD.

You will need to contact Blizzard Support with a ticket for that; account issues cannot be resolved on the forums for privacy and account security reasons.

In theory, the licenses for your games should still be under the e-mail / password that you were using when you registered the games for the first time.

Diablo II (2000) does not use the current Battle.Net Desktop App… it didn’t exist in its current form back then.

Do you remember if you redeemed the code for Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD ? If you did, the license(s) will show up in the Battle.Net account you redeemed the codes under Games & Subscriptions / Classic Games:

If you redeemed the CD Keys, but do not remember the e-mail, Blizzard Support might be able to provide that information to you if you give them the CD Key that you have.

If you need help installing Diablo II, you can get some help by posting on the Legacy Games Tech Support forum:

To install Diablo III, follow the steps here:

Step #3 needs to be replaced by (see screenshot below):

  • Click on “GAMES” at the top of the App.
  • Click on “Blizzard” on the left side
  • Find and click on Diablo III.

If the game says that it is a Starter Edition, that means that the account you are using to log into Battle.Net does not have a license for Diablo III… you must have registered it under a different account.

If you cannot figure out what the account is, you will need to contact Blizzard Support with a ticket:
Click on the “Contact Us” button to start the process.

You can go here on your account page (make sure you log in first) to view the list of games on your account:

The original Diablo game is no longer directly available on Blizzard, but you can get it and Hellfire on GoG (Galaxy of Games). GoG has fixed it so you can play them on a modern machine. The original version will not run on modern hardware/OS.

Diablo on GOG can be found here:

These can be found on your account (if you had actually uploaded the keys) at that link above. However the original versions may not run properly on modern systems. One of the reasons they released Diablo II Resurrected.

Same with those. Just make sure you are logging in with the account that had those game associated with.

You need to install Battlenet found here:

And then log into the client with the correct account, and any purchased games that you can download will be available here.

Use the first link to download the older D2 game installers, but as I said, be prepared for them to not work properly or at all without modifying the system to allow them to run.

As for GoG, you will have to visit their website, download their installer, and probably purchase the game again (Currently on sale for 7.99 for both). Then you will have access to both Diablo and Hellfire with that.

Good luck.