Be honest, do you play Diablo Immortal?

Title. And how much? How often?

DI turned out to be a surprisingly good game. I played it through story once fully with a Wizard and had a blast. That was a year ago, haven’t played much since, cause my phone is old and I’m looking forward to playing more of it once I get a better phone.:sweat_smile:

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I’d be interested to know how old your phone is?
I’m interested in this game but i’m not sure my little Motorola phone can take it.

EDIT: Soez, i grabbed the first Google link.


I gave it an honest chance twice, and uninstalled it after less than an hour of play both times.

I would not touch it with a ten-foot pole.


Had fun with it for a little while - it’s got some really interesting systems, but it gets a bit stale after a few days.

Yes. Still playing. Probably one of the best games where I spent less than $70 to play it for more than a year.

The best part of DI was it always gets decent content and features update every 2 weeks and 3 months for major content. There is always something to look forward to in DI.

Basically, DI is what D3 will look like if D3 has gotten its 2nd expansion.

But why don’t you play on PC then? I mean, you can post in D3 forum, so I assumed you bought and played D3 on PC.

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I played it when it first came out I got tired of having to wait for people to join me so I could do things. Uninstall and never went back. It had a lot of good things going for it, so I will not hate on it like some people do.

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When they scrap the P2W model, I will download it and give it a whirl on PC.

Or you know, you can just play PVE content without paying a single cent. This game doesn’t have in-game ads like youtube so playing for free won’t help someone from a big company to put a downpayment for his new yacht.


Idk. It would feel wierd I guess. It’s a game clearly designed for phones, so I think I might be missing something or have a harder time playing? Any truth to this?

I am playing DI from PC and phone and it certainly doesn’t feel harder to play at all. If anything, DI played exactly like D3 on PC, except for clicking the 4 skill bar instead of the 6 skill bar

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Haven’t played it for almost a year now. People tend to hate the game solely because of its atrocious P2W features and while that is a valid point, it does not negate the good parts of the game. If you look past the P2W, there’s actually a decent game underneath.

This definitely was a problem which was a major reason for me to stop playing too. However the game has since received many QoL updates and on lower difficulties one can now properly solo many things, dungeons in particular.

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True. Many things that people knew about Immortal in June 2022 are most likely no longer applicable to current Immortal. Either it was removed, fixed, or improved.


It’s a matter of principle though, even if you don’t pay you make a contribution to the metrics. No thanks.


As Kargon said, I do not want to play a game where I contribute to metrics of potential fish they may be able to plunder.

On top of that, I do not want to play a game that is artificially hard in order to try to funnel me to that P2W crap. Played D3V. Won’t play another game where I am punished because I won’t pay to git gud.


DI is like 7Up, Never had it, Never will.

I started playing on launch day, haven’t played D3 since. D:($) is more fun than either D3 or D4 (And I am quite disappointed about the latter).

D:($) is my Diablo game now.

P2W is a red herring, btw. The battlegrounds are about as balanced as Netease can make it. The limiting factor isn’t whales.

The limiting factor is who has signed in with the battle captain to participate. Netease can’t fix that.

Then you have to deal with player stupidity - Netease can’t fix that either.


Keep immortal discussions away from D3 forum.


I played it up to a point and hated it. Haven’t been back since last year I guess.