Bastions revered not chaining

Wife is playing a frenzy barb on xbox one and I noticed that bastions revered is not chaining to targets in range. Not sure what can be done about this .


Check the text for the power on Bastion’s Revered… pre-patch 2.6.8 (March 2020) only had “Frenzy now stacks up to 10 times”. The part about the chains was added in Patch 2.6.8

If the text for the power does mention the chain part, as in here, you will want to move this topic to the Console Bug Report forum. This forum here is for bugs on the PC version… where Bastion’s Revered is working correctly.

To move the topic, scroll up to the title and click the pencil to the right of the title; then change the category to Console Bug Report and approve the change. That will move this entire topic to the correct forum.

Good luck with this.

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